Andy Emulator Offline Installer (Windows/MAC) Download

Android Emulator is the Way to use the Android Mobile applications inside the computer. Its easy to run all the communication Mobile application into the PC by using the Emulator. Here you won’t have any storage issues as in the Mobile device. Andy android Emulator fix the gape between the Mobile and Computer and always gives the upgraded android OS support.


Andy also gives the Windows/MAC support and allows users to play and run the Android applications on PC hassle free Already there are many Emulators available which meets the Users need in the computer but What Andy Emulator promises is something advanced and more compares to others. Andy is also available as Offline Installer for your PC.

About Andy Emulator-

Andy is the Android Emulator tool developed by andyroid team. Andy breaks the communication gape between desktop and mobile and makes it easier for game lovers to play the Game in computer with unlimited storage capacity allowing windows and MAC users. Andy also having feature which turn the Phone into joystick. Andy Made it easier for the users to sync apps between the PCs and Mobile. People who used the Andy Emulator reviewed it as the best as it provides the smoother and lightweight experience. Andy Having the Following cool features. You have two options to Download and use the Andy. One is by Downloading the Online installer Emulator and another is Andy emulator offline setup download.

Andy Emulator Features –

Andy Provides the Easy application synching between mobile and Computer Application downloading feature from desktop or Browser directly to the Andy Operating system. It always gives updated Android user Interface with upgraded OS. It meets the users communication and Entertainment need into the computer with Full storage capacity. Andy gives some Interesting and cool unique features like using the Phone as controller, Allows the Android Local file system Access, Its Fully Latest upgraded Android UI, Run Applications from Desktop and also it gives the Push desktop notification. And the good news is that its totally Free to use with Advanced cool features

Why People Loves the Andy Most –

People wants something unique and better in Gaming and Entertainment and Andy Promises it without any cost. You can now play the Android Phone as remote control and play your Favorite game inside the computer. Run all communication Applications with Latest upgraded UI in Computer with Andy OS, Easy transition of Applications from PC to Smart devices without wireline or wireless connections. It also allows the cloud storage save facility in Android. People (Gaming lovers) appreciated the Andy Emulator software most because its lightweight and also allows to play games with Joy sticks. Andy gives the Wider screen experience in computer with latest Android UI. Lots of people who used to play games in smartphones moved to Desktop (Windows/MAC) because Andy fits the user needs and easy app syncing between mobile and PC so its become more handy to run communications apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Hike, truecaller in PC. See the Comparison chart below by the Official Andy Site.


Andy Minimum System Requirements –

  • AMD or Intel Dual-Core CPU with Virtualization support.
  • Windows 7/8.x x86 or x64 with 3GB RAM
  • Minimum 20GB Fee disk space is required
  • Video card with OpenGL ES 2.0 capability.
  • Make sure that you have Virtualization enabled in BIOS

For More Basic Questions See the FAQs Section on Official Site –

Download Andy Offline Installer – Andy officially provide the Emulator package which fetches the updates online while installing the Emulator Software. Here We came with the Andy Offline Installer Which you can Download inside your Computer (Windows/MAC) with 32 bit or 64 bit Operating system and install inside the computer without the Internet connection. Just Head over the Download Option below according to the version (32/64 bits) of your computer system. It is the Standalone setup for your PC. Just Download it and install by Hitting the Download Button Below.

Andy Offline Installer (Set Up) – 32 Bits – Download
Andy Offline Installer (Set Up) – 64 Bits – Download

One time Download and Install the Large File. Comment below about the Andy Emulator Offline Installer and if you face Andy Software installation problem them comment below with Problem description. Cheers !

Andy Android Emulator – Joy stick Gaming Experience in Computer with Latest Android UI

Android Emulator comes into the picture when we think about running the Android applications onto the PC. Emulators or App player made it easier to breaks the gap between the mobile and computer. Android game lovers download and play the Game in mobile but they are facing several problems like small compact mobile screen, Mobile battery draining out, Low mobile memory capacity and less processing speed and capacity etc. So to solve all such small but irritating problems, Developers made the Tool named Emulator or App Player, which can helps the people to play the Game in large Computer screen with much more processing power and here you’ll get unlimited memories.


Several Popular Android emulators like YouWave, BlueStacks and more already available and giving the better user experiences but let me reveal the beauty of Andy Emulator. Lots of people across the globe moved to the Andy Emulator, the new Emulator which gives you thrilling effect of Game in wider computer screen with latest Andy Operating system. Andy having the Cool features which forces the users to move from mobile to Computer for Playing the Android Games and using the Communications apps like Whatsapp, snapchat, hike, line, truecaller etc.

Joy Stick Gaming Experience with Wider Computer screen –

Using Andy App player you can use your smart mobile device as remote control to play game in PC (Windows/Mac). It also provides the light weight user experience using the Android Emulator. If you are the game lover and draining out your mobile battery by just playing the Game all the time on mobile and still not happy due to the lower storage capacity and less RAM or you Want to play the Game but having the version compatibility issue then Andy is the solution for you which always gives you the Latest Android Upgraded experience by playing Game in computer. Follow the steps to Use Mobile as Remote control via Andy to play games over the WiFi.

Latest Android UI Experience –

With Andy Emulator you’ll get the latest current Android user interface. When you install the Andy Emulator from official installer then it’ll fetches the latest version updates and install it online for you. Andy developers team continuously working on the Tool to provide better user Interface to their users.

Andy Emulator not ends upto this but also having the best feature like easy app synching in mobile and computer, Running communications applications become easier, Cloud support for saving the state, Unlimited memory storage in windows or Mac and much more. People loved and Reviewed it as best. Start using the Andy Emulator and Review it right back here inside the comment. Cheers !

Android smart apps to make your phone smarter

Make your Android mobile smarter with smart mobile software. Here we are going to direct you to the smartest application software for android mobile which you can download freely. Android is the leading android software provider which you can download from official PlayStore. Check out the below list on Android smart apps

TigerText Secure Messenger:

TigerText is the leading app for secure and real time messaging. You can send your Text messages, Pictures or files with your contacts securely and you have the total control of your message. You can define time span after which the message self destructs and let you know when your massages have been read. You can communicate along with other company employes securely with this application. It is also possible to Secure Phone calls using Android.

Where’s My Droid:

It is the best application software which provides the cool feature as below.

  • You can customize phone in your way to ring, vibrate, siren, activate camera flash when it lost. GPS enabled feature allowed you to locate your phone when it lost.
  • Attention word feature allows what you want to do when you receives the specific word/phrase.
  • commander feature let you control your application from computer.
  • Camera feature take picture remotely with your phone and the taken photo will be uploaded to the website and you can see the image with the link that the application will text back.

Call Control:

By using the call control you can put any number in Blacklist, White-list. You can block number by phone number, Area code, Wild card. Wild Card is the cool feature. If you want to block the number series as it start with 322-444-??? . Here if you receive any call from mentioned digits will be blocked. it checks for the initial digits mentioned by you and block the entire series. This is useful feature if you want to block the company promotional calls. You can also mention the white list accordingly. Online backup feature for Blacklist and White-list is available. You can get much more call controlling feature along with it.

Mobile Vault:

This is the application software for Privacy purpose. With Vault you can protect you private SMS, pics videos or even Facebook messages and apps. Start using the mobile Vault to lock your confidential data.


Lookout is the application software which locate your lost phone on the map and not even locate but also providing the cool feature like remote lock, remote wipe, remote ringing and if your phone getting lost then you can manage all this with your computer.

Also let us know if you know any other Android smart apps. Stay Tech Tuned and Be Smart 🙂

Computers Hit by Regin spyware: sophisticated software discovered by Symantec

To remain secure in this threaten world is difficult now a days. Dangerous Malwares and viruses coming rapidly on the internet. Its ok if you are not using the internet but if you are connected with the internet then its not guaranteed that you are secured. Security awareness is really important to stay secure. Recently Android NotCompatible Malware hits massive Android phones and it came with the Most sophisticated code which causes danger and harden to detect. Today Symantec discovered virus and its the spyware named Regin.

Regin Spyware Behavior and characteristics –

Regin is also most sophisticated and harder to detect. It does things like stealing passwords, recovers deleted files, captures screenshots when its gets installed to the computer. Regin, was probably created by a government and has been used for six years against a range of targets around the world – Symantec said.
Symantec says that the Regin has been used to spaying the government organizations and businesses, also the private individuals. Symantec feels like Regin comes from the Western organization. Bug, Regin targeted many computers in Saudi Arabia, Russia and Ireland and hit by the Attack – Experts said. The Main goal of the spyware developer is to steal some confidential information from organizations.

Security suggestion –

using internet is now everybody’s job and more and more businesses are moving online day by day. So its our responsibility to protect our private and confidential information. So its better to use the genuine software into your computer or mobile and never download software from the untrusted sources even they promising to give more. Otherwise you might be the next target by the attackers and bad guys can damage you by using your information or devices to do malicious activities.

‘NotCompatible’ Malware Threat moving around you: Use Android devices with care

Security researchers found new Malware Named NotCompatible which steals the information from the Android phones which gets infected by the virus. If you are using the Android Phone with the Internet then you must awake and use it with care. Mobile security research firm Lookout stated this malware as the most Sophisticated and its harder to defeat it. NotCompatible steals the Phone call logs and even pictures and other personal information from the targeted Android device.
This Malware threat first found in late 2012 and now Security researchers group found that the Malware NotCompatible re-written the previous malware code and make it harder to detect. Hackers forms one Bot network which target the Android devices and collect the private information of mobile devices and rented out to crime group. So its the very serious matter if you are using the Android mobile connected to the Internet. Bad guys uses that collected Victimized Android network to target any Website and blog, send bulk spam emails or even used to buy tickets in bulk and sold out later to get more profit.

Lookout team working harder to detect the Malware and provide the best security solution. “This is the most technically sophisticated threat we are facing and it’s the most worrying to us” – Said Jeremy Linden, a security analyst at Lookout.

People using now a days Mobile devices more rather than the Desktop because they loves to stay connected on the move. Malware makers targeted writing Complex codes for the Android devices and targeting the Android users to form the malicious network which in turn gets used to target any system or network. They (Bad guys) remains undetected and only your Android device information found if traced back by analyst and you could be responsible for any crime. So be aware and its better to use the Mobile applications with care. Never download the Applications from the unknown sources because malware comes in form of packers.

According to report Majority of Malware written for the Android devices and less for the iOS devices. Wirelurker and Masque targeted few iOS gadgets earlier.