Enhance your Writing Skills Using Grammarly, It’s Worth Trying !


Grammarly is World’s Leading Writing Enhancement Platform developed by Grammarly, Inc. Many Professional Writers Moved to the Grammarly because this automated Writing Enhancement tool simplifies your life by taking care of everything including Spell Checks, Grammar Checks, Punctuation marks, Plagiarism check and more. Check Our Grammarly Reviews That can Help you to Pick the Best Product.

Everything you are gonna get in Single Tool. Grammarly carries out more than 250 Grammar checks. During the Text Reviews Process, it finds the Potential errors and notifies you with red Highlight.

Snippet of Grammarly Checks

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Whatsapp iOS Users can now Bookmark Chat Messages


Whatsapp is the most loved social media messaging Application used across the worldwide and People stay connected with each other internationally, without any cost by using Internet connection. Whatsapp Introduced new Feature for iOS Smartphone devices. If you are using iOS then then its good news for you. If you are using Android version then you don’t need to worry, it’ll be available soon to Android as well.


This Whatsapp update come with build number 2.12.7 Version of Whatsapp. Android, Windows smartphone user have to wait little more to get the feature. Now you can Set the Important messages apart from all the common messages and you can access within seconds when you need.

Suppose someone sends Account number or any of the Id then you can Bookmark it for later use to get it faster. Check the Steps how you can get the Whatsapp for iOS Operating System. Download the Latest iOS version from official site to get use of the latest feature

What’s New in Version 2.12.7

Starred messages: Now you can tap and hold on any message in a chat to star it, so you can easily find it later. Go to contact info or group info to browse starred messages for a given chat. Starred messages also appear in their own section in search results.

Whatsapp which is acquired by Facebook doing most frequent changes and user loves the way they are providing the most useful and handy feature for faster digital lives.

Plug and Play Streaming dongle Teewe 2 available to purchase


India’s Most loved Instantly stream media device Teewe 2 available to purchase via the company’s official site and will be available on Amazon on 25th May. Its best device which maximize your Entertainment experience. Plug the device to the HDMI port of larger TV screen and Stream it from your mobile or smartphone device. Teewe 2 Application is available for Windows, Max, Linux.

Credit: teewe

Plug the Teewe into your TV and download the App. After the one time set up, play anything from your phone directly to your big computer screen. Also enjoy the Online contents from your device to big HD screen. Also you can enjoy the videos from Facebook, Vimeo, Youtube, 9gag and more sites using the Teewe Chrome plugin.

On Pre order and get your warranty extended by one whole year. Only limited devices available to pre order. Company also annouced that, “Watch latest movies and TV shows in your favorite Indian languages from Eros Now. Coming soon on Teewe.”

Blackberry: You’ll have 9 numbers on single SIM card


Canadian smartphone manufacturer company, Blackberry comes up with something promising which promises, let you have 9 different numbers on single Sim card. Currently company is planning about the virtual solution of sim card which provides the multiple working numbers on the same single Sim card. Movirtu, virtual sim solutions company last year acquired by the Blackberry to improve adoption of BYOD and COPE. Results are in front of you at instant.


Blackberry got fruitful result after they bough the virtual solution company. By using the virtual sim solution, user’s need not to handle the different sim cards for business and personal uses. Only handle the single card and you are good to go.

As per the information close to the sources, It will be easier to switch between the cards and users will get the billing of voice, data and messaging separately for each account and number. Its been reportedly noted that the Blackberry is in discussion with the telecom operators to conduct the test and deploy in the country.

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Virtual sim service has been already deployed in parts of Africa and will be available very soon in India. Virtual sim solution will be work perfect with any kind of phone including iOs and Android operating system users.

Fujifilm X-T10 Camera coming on 18th of may: Rumored


Fujifilm is the well known company for the High tech consumer and business products. Company is about to launch the new advanced X-T10 camera on 18th of May. Its been rumored that the Fujifilm new camera model come with some changes in existing Predecessor X-T1 mirror less camera. Trusted sources reveled the little specifications about the advanced camera device. Finally the much awaited device is to possibly debut on 18th May.


If reports are to be believed some of the specifications has been leaked online which suggest the specification of X-T10. As per the reports and news, there is no ISO dial in this newly made camera model. This might be good or bad news as some of the people comfortable with ISO dial and some are not. Majority of the people loves to have the information on the dial instead of the exploring the menus inside. Lets wait to see how people respond to this change.

Moreover Fujifilm X-T10 camera has the Kit lens will be an XC lens and EVF size would be rumored to same as X-E2 camera. Get the Specification snippet bellow about the Fujifilm X-T10 camera device.

– No ISO dial (NeS)
– The kit lens will be an XC lens (NeS)
– EVF size about the same of X-E2 (NeS)
– build in flash (NeS)

Credit: fujirumors