2 Quick ways to check Do follow and No follow links to Blog

In my previous Article i posted about How to make the Nofollow all external links to your blog. If you haven’t gone through yet then have look. Now in this article we’ll see how to check whether the link to your blog is dofollow or nofollow. Its just the one click away from you. Here you doesn’t requires any software, tool or Online services. You can do without the software or service. Lets move to the point on how to check dofollow and nofollow links.

Open the blog and link page you want to check for. Now You have following 2 methods to check dofollow or nofollow blog links.

1) check dofollow or nofollow by Inspecting Element –

After opening the Blog page. Right click on the link to which you want to check the status. Now click on the ‘Inspect Element’. You’ll see the Inspector below with link you selected. And see if the Link is Dofollow or Nofollow as shown in the Image below.
Here i used the Nofollow Attribute for one of my external link as you can see in the Element Inspector tab. If you have Do follow link then you won’t see anything like nofollow. This is how we can analyze the link status of blog.

Another way is By Viewing the Selection source of the Link.

2) check dofollow or nofollow by Selection source –

Select the link for which you want to check the Attribute and right click and click on the View selection source as shown in Image below.
Here i have Highlighted the Link and clicked to see the Selection source of it. Now After clicking on it You are prompted with window which shows the status of the link whether its Dofollow or NoFollow as shown in the Image Below.
So Its such simpler to check the link dofollow and nofollow status. People also makes comment to get more traffic by Backlinking but  its important to check if the blog allows the Do follow links on comment or not. Do Follow Backlink adds more value to your blog and helps to get better raking by the time. So you can also check Any blog commenting system by the same approach.

Hope you get the ideas and if you have any issue with current thread then let me know in comment below.

Thanks !

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