Whatsapp iOS Users can now Bookmark Chat Messages


Whatsapp is the most loved social media messaging Application used across the worldwide and People stay connected with each other internationally, without any cost by using Internet connection. Whatsapp Introduced new Feature for iOS Smartphone devices. If you are using iOS then then its good news for you. If you are using Android version then you don’t need to worry, it’ll be available soon to Android as well.


This Whatsapp update come with build number 2.12.7 Version of Whatsapp. Android, Windows smartphone user have to wait little more to get the feature. Now you can Set the Important messages apart from all the common messages and you can access within seconds when you need.

Suppose someone sends Account number or any of the Id then you can Bookmark it for later use to get it faster. Check the Steps how you can get the Whatsapp for iOS Operating System. Download the Latest iOS version from official site to get use of the latest feature

What’s New in Version 2.12.7

Starred messages: Now you can tap and hold on any message in a chat to star it, so you can easily find it later. Go to contact info or group info to browse starred messages for a given chat. Starred messages also appear in their own section in search results.

Whatsapp which is acquired by Facebook doing most frequent changes and user loves the way they are providing the most useful and handy feature for faster digital lives.

Backup your Important Whatsapp Conversation to Google Drive


Whatsapp Social Messaging giant comes up with new feature which let allows you to backup your chat conversation to the Google Drive. It is available to the latest Whatsapp Version, which you can download via the official Whatsapp Website.

With this new update you can backup the chats to your best Gmail account drive. Specify the Gmail Address to your Whatsapp Chat settings. Which connect the WhatsApp account to Google drive. Whatsapp already have the offline conversation backup feature. Online backup make it simple and speedier. Update is currently available for the Android users. It’ll be rolled out to the iOS and windows phone platform very soon.
Backup Conversation to Google drive feature in available to the WhatsApp version 2.12.45. You can download via the official Whatsapp website. Whatsapp is the most popular mobile messaging service reached the 800 millions active users and gaining popularity day by day.

WhatsApp reached 800 millions active users monthly


World’s most popular Mobile messaging giant Whatsapp marked the success point by 800 million monthly active users. Company leave the other popular messaging services behind by offering the awesome service as per the users recommendations and needs. After Facebook acquired Whatsapp, we found the very rapid boost in improvement by awesome features and services inside.

After the acquisition Facebook and Whatsapp did the collaborated effort to give the advanced facility to their users. They than launched the Whatsapp voice calling, Whatsapp web version etc. Facebook also integrated the Whatsapp for FB messenger to make easier the sharing in two popular platforms.
Whatsapp messaging service make it easier for the people to share the Images, videos, texts, voice messages for free. Age of text SMS message via the mobile telecom service providers is almost gone and people moved to whatsapp for easier sharing and chat features. We find the smartphones in majority of people’s hand as one can find the best mobile at affordable rates. Everywhere in the world only one mouth word we found that is “WhatsApp me” when it comes to share something. People make use of Whtaspp viral and they loves to stay in touch always. You can ping your friend anytime via the Lightweight Whatsapp application and get back reply immediately

800 Monthly active users mark put the Whtasapp in lead position being one of the largest and popular social sharing service. Instagram, Snapchat, twitter are the popular social services, but there is no alternative to WhatsApp, that you can conclude by following the analytic report mentioned by Jan Koum.

Facebook Integrated Whatsapp for FB Messenger application


Facebook, the biggest social networking giant started rolling out the new features faster to remain stable on the competitor world. Few moths back Facebook rolled out the Groups app to provide the powerful platform to get together and discuss the interested topics by following the group. Again Facebook step ahead and integrated the Whatsapp into the Updated Facebook messenger app.

Whatsapp send button was found on the New Facebook messenger app. Send icon is available on the right side of the Messenger with famous whatsapp icon and its the first move by whatsapp to integrate both the famous Mobile messaging platforms. Send button appears along with the Like, comment, share button under the each status update.
Hope this new change people enjoy and easily share the stuffs to their friends via the Facebook messenger to the Whatsapp. Facebook in fact fulfill the need of many smartphones messenger lovers to share the cool things very easily and rapidly from one platform to another.

After Whatsapp Acquired by Facebook last year there was rapid growth found in the Whatsapp platform and users graph reached the 70 millions active users in India. Also Whatsapp rolled out the Voice calling feature for the Messaging app to make free call to your contacts.

User Information Gathering Online: Easy Steps


Pen-tester having the several skills to collect the Information Online using several tools and Utilities. Common-sense is the essential part to get more. It’s easy now a days because of the growing use of the social Medias by the people everywhere. Let me walk you through the new method to collect the Information on the People Online. Suppose you got the Phone call and want to know the Information through the Number only then use the below method to collect everything from the scratch.

Get Name from Number:

Use the One of the Popular web Service truecaller and it is the Verified mobile phone community which is having the Largest database directory which contains the Name and Number.

It collects the Information from the People very smartly and form the Database. Use it and search for the Mobile number and it revels the Name from that number. It doesn’t shows the name if the Number is new and not disclosed to others. But Truecaller Database Updated More frequently and you’ll get Latest User Names by the time.

Get Photo From Number:

Now You are having the Name and Want to get the Photo of the Person then Just go to Your Whatsapp on your mobile and Add the Number as a contact information to view the Profile Image.


Keep In mind that Latest Whatsapp came with some privacy such that anybody can hide their Private Information like Image, Status and Last seen from others. If it’s not Hidden to Unknown then you can get Their Information and Image as well. Most of the People on whatsapp don’t worry about their privacy and free to disclose their Profile Photo, Status to Unknown also and In fact they Loves to Share.

Get More Images of that Person:


If you want More Images of the Person you are looking for then Just Go to the Google Image search and Upload the Image which you get from the Whatsapp and let Google crawls the web and find the similar looking image on the Web. This is the ultimate way to get more categorized and similar images on the web.

Search People through Email, Name, Username and Phone:

Another Cool way to get the Information about people via pipl search engine which revels all the User Information Including the Social Network Profile and Much more. This is one of the popular way to collect People Information more quickly.

Also Know How Our Information is Being Sold Online and How to resist it. It is actually for finding our Family member Online but Bad guys buys it in few dollars.

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