Facebook Smoother Experience with Lite Version


Facebook Social networking site concentrated not only on the Desktop Web application. Company Providing the cutting edge solution for the Mobile smartphone users also. Facebook Launched new Lite Application of Facebook Mobile which is  new version for Android that uses the less data and works well even on the slow internet connection.


Billion of people across the globe using the Facebook mobile application from various networks. Facebook Lite was built for the smoother and light weight experience which is best for the minimum bandwidth. Application is less than 1 MB which includes core experience like News Feed, status updates, photos, notifications and more.

– Installs quickly — the app is less than 1 MB
– Works on all Android phones
– Uses less data
– Is designed for 2G networks and areas with slow or unstable connections

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Facebook rolled out the Facebook Lite in countries across Asia and will be available in parts of Latin America, Africa and Europe.

Facebook rolled out Animated GIF support for News feed


The biggest social network giant Facebook now has added the extra layer for Photo sharing feature. You can now have the Animated GIF support for the sharing photos on Facebook. Tumblr, Google Plus, Giphy, Imgur etc already allowed the people to share the animated GIF contents. Now Facebook approached the same way to maximize the entertainment and to describe the things more easily by animation.

“We are rolling out support for animated GIFs in News Feed. You can share more fun, expressive things with your friends on Facebook,” a spokesperson was quoted as saying. Company rolled out new feature very silently, let it allows animation lovers to post the photos via their status update box of profile.

<p data-wpview-marker=Its been tested and works perfectly for status update. GIF images doesn’t work in Facebook comment box. You don’t need to worry about the heavy load of the page due to all the running images. You are shown the Play button in place of the GIF and it don’t play automatically until you click play.

Facebook team noted that its the crucial part of the social networking site and lots of people using other services to enjoy the animated stuffs. So it would helps the Facebook fans to enjoy the entertainment stuffs.

Facebook, let users pick the Friends and Pages to appear first


Facebook always loves to change and that is the core reason people loved the Facebook more than other social networking site. Facebook is testing feature on mobile let it allows users to choose the friends and pages they want to see on the Top of the news feed, so they don’t miss the important update.

Fb Pick friends/pages

Facebook newly launched feature is not available to all the fb mobile users but its been prompted for some of the users which shows the “See more of what you love.” with detailed help message “Pick friends and pages and see their posts at the top of New Feed”. When you get started, it leads you to the list of pages and friends and allows you to select and give it priority. This selected person and pages get higher priority than other list of people and according to Facebook algorithm update for mobile users, it’ll shows the each post first from the selected list.

Facebook Mobile set priority newsfeed

Facebook confirmed the Test to socialTimes but didn’t mentioned how it works. Mobile users some time miss the important sharing as they had the lots of friends and pages connected to account. So Facebook rolled out the new feature which allows let users can give preference to the person or pages to appear first on news feed. See the Image displayed above how its been appear and tested by Facebook mobile. It’ll helps millions of people across the globe to catch the necessary update first on their busy an faster life. Its boon for those who checks Facebook for important updates.

Image Credit: socialTimes

Turn your Facebook Page into Website: No coding required


If you are running the business and don’t want to mess up with the coding and other stuffs to develop the Website and don’t have time to learn all the technical stuffs. Don’t worry, Team of three developers comes up with great idea for small business to make the world wide web presence in just few clicks via the Facebook Fan page.

Majority of the people market their business through Facebook and its the great way to get more users attentions on the go. Pager is the nice applications Developed by the smart persons which allows to turn your Facebook page into the Website with just easy clicks. You can further personalize your web experience by using the themes provided by Application.

“The main idea with this hack is to allow small businesses who use Facebook to manage a website,” Darrel-Day Guerrero told me. “With Facebook, they can just post to Facebook and everyone knows how it works,” Alex Ilea said.


Any one can setup the website by Facebook Page instance. Just run the Pager app and Login with credentials to allow the Fan Page access to the App. Select the page which you want to use and save it to make it live automatically. When you get the website live, You’ll find the four sections widely needed for any business. i.e. About, News, Events and Galleries. All your contact information and opening hours resides in About section. News section contains all the wall posts, events and galleries are pretty self-explanatory. Code for the Facebook API is almost ready.  “We were pretty productive until one or two A.M… then it was harder,” Ilea said.

You can access the Code which is present as a public on the GitHub, You can also set it up locally as described in the Setup section on Github.

Source: techcrunch

Video Calling fitted in Facebook Messenger: FB Newsroom Update


Worldwide popular social networking giant launched Facebook video calling feature for the Facebook Messenger. Stan Chudnovsky, Head of Product for Messenger and Param Reddy, Engineering Manager announced the Most demanded feature for Facebook messenger. Facebook messenger users growth indicates the users fine tuning with the applications. Facebook introduced the face to face voice calling feature, let you can enjoy the conversation and feel like real physical presence of the remote person. Facebook also integrated the Whatsapp into the Messenger to allow easy sharing between both widely used mobile messaging platforms.

Google already has the Hangout feature, people can enjoy the video calling. Skype is one more popular service people enjoying for direct face to face talking. If you are talking to someone by typing into the messenger and don’t want to type lot more words in the Messenger, then you can have a nice call with remote person to talk more clearly with feelings in words and in short time.
It’ll help millions of people who uses the Facebook messenger on the go. Video calling is operating system independent, means you can have a video calling from iOS smartphone to Android and vice versa. Use the Facebook Video calling service for real time communication with your loved one, friends and family as well.

As per the Fb newsroom update, This is the latest feature released for Messenger, following the ability to send money to friends, the launch of Messenger Platform and the introduction of Businesses on Messenger (coming soon). iOS and Android in Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, France, Greece, Ireland, Laos, Lithuania, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, the UK, the US and Uruguay. It’ll be rolled out soon for more regions soon.