Zbigz Alternatives to Download torrent file

We’ve already seen how to Download Torrent File Using IDM to get maximum speedup. Now everyone knows one service named zbigz and which is the one of the Popular service out there on the Internet which allows us to download Torrent file Securely such that no one can track our IPs. and also gives some … Read more

Direct way to download the Torrent file in Torrent Client

Open the URL www.utorrent.com and Download the tiny Torrent Client Application to your computer. It is the Download client/ Downloader. It works on any Operating system Including Windows-Mac-Linux etc. So when you run the .torrent File it’ll open up with the Torrent client which you’ve downloaded. You may have question from where to get the … Read more

Google New Algorithm hits Popular torrents and Music Sites

Google has previously announced to fight hard against the Piracy sites like torrents and music sites which contains the copyrighted materials and links and this anti-piracy now kicked in and lots of popular Pirate sites are affected and down ranked in the Google search results. In last few days several popular torrent websites and music … Read more