Microsoft to launch Email security for Office 365


Microsoft giant implementing one more layer of security for the Office 365 users. Its the threat protection mechanism available to the commercial office 365 email users. Microsoft promises the Added security to the Office 365 users against the Malicious software and attacks. Email are analyzed before they are sent of received.

Microsoft Office 265 email security checks for the Malware that could be embedded with the Message. Microsoft offers the increased email security at affordable rate of $2 per month. It will available to single user as well as for the multiple group of system. It also has the advanced tracking feature for the organization.
As per the reports Microsoft currently testing and implementing the security feature and as it will be done completely, it’ll be available to the public. Interesting news is that it will be available to the multiple group of users or organization at the affordable monthly charges. Microsoft Corporation launched this email security feature when company announced a decline in malware attacks for its Android OS users. If reports are to be believed, Microsoft clearly identifies the malware risks that users are exposed to.

By activating this feature users need not to worry  about the Security of Email. Malicious and Threaten Email which are intended for stealing something or damage the system get trapped by the Email security feature of Office 365. Hope this Extra layer of the Office 365 users helps the Organization keep secured and makes the threat free conversations.

New Gmail Available for Android Devices: Features

All Inboxes View - Final

Google Launching more and more things rapidly and Now company came with the New Updated version for the Gmail Android Application. It provides the much smoother and sleeker transitions and also lot more improvements in the Application.

Let see whats Additional in It – Google Added more handy features in the Existing Google Android Gmail App for the mobile devices and announced those in the Official Gmail Blog.

Reply button at the bottom of each message

Its handy way to deal with every messages makes more easier to reply the messages on the go. Now it’ll become more convenient for the users to rely every message on the move.

How it works for Tablet –

If you are using the Tablet then its becomes more easier for you to Switch between accounts and deal with each inbox categories. It will give more sleeker experience than the previous inbox version.

Also Support for the Email addresses other than Gmail –

Now a days people have much more accounts other than gmail and they need to login in each account to check the emails and now Gmail new Email application simplified the work by allowing access to the all Email addresses from the Gmail mobile application on the go. Many people using another email services like Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook etc. Now you can manage separate inbox for all the Email Providers using the POP/IMAP. So its more easy to deal with any email by just switching the Account right inside the Android Gmail App.

Access All Inboxes at One place –

Gmail “All inboxes” options allows you to access all the Email at single place without worrying about the switching between accounts. Deal with all the important emails with one click and save your time.

Gmail Conversation view –

Gmail conversation views for who loves the discussions along with email. Make it simple by your Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook and other POP/IMAP accounts. Lets find the best stacked view conversation and all the account gets the same special treatment. Replay, Forward and other options along with the conversations.

Gmail Advanced Auto complete search – Using the Gmail suggestion on search you could find the better insider suggestion for your search and make the search faster and easier.

All Inboxes View - Final
Official Gmail Blog Image

Gmail Supported Android Devices –

Android 4.0+ devices. Give it Try on your Android latest version.

Have a look at the Official Google YouTube video to get visual Ideas.

The Updated Gmail application is still not be available in the Some of the region of the world but Stay Tuned to the Playstore and Get It to your Android device when available. wait for Google to push Download to your Mobile device.

Also Share your Experience here about this new Gmail Android Apk.

Send Anonymous Email free by hiding your Identity


When you send Email Normally with any of the email service provider then at the receiver side it reveals your identity by your Email Address and shows you with From, to, mailed-by, signed-by etc. Now if you don’t want to track by your friend and if you want to send some secret message to your friend and want to surprise him then it is important to hide your identity such that receiver not able to get your email address at inbox.

To hide identity several free web services allows you to send email without your email address and Silent Sender is one of it. Let it allows you to send email anonymously to the intended recipient and the receiver never come to know about the sender and that is why it’s called Silent or anonymous sender.

Head to SilentSender and inside send message column mention the recipient’s email address to which you want to send. and type the Secret message of max. 160 characters and send it. After sending, you’ll get the Message number. Note it down to check your message status. You can check your message status in Check status column. Receiver gets the message with the number and they are guided to move on Silent sender to get the secret message through their number. Inside the get message recipient put their number to reveals the secret.


Send Anonymous Message: Enter Recipient Email and Message in ‘Send message column’
Check your message status: After sending the mail, one number will be displayed to you, note it down and put it on Check status column to know status of message.
Get message: Recipient put their message number from inbox to silent sender ‘Get message’ column to get the private message.
Once message opened and read by the intended user, message removed from the server of the Silent sender. When you go to check again for the secret message with message number it won’t allows you because its been destructed by server once it red by the user.

Use silent sender and state your views below.

You can also send Message that Automatically get Destruct: Send Auto destruct message Android to achieve security.

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Control Who can Email you Via Google+ Profile

Gmail recently added new feature which allows to send email directly to people in your Google+ circles. When you send Email to your Google+ connection then and then your email address will become visible to your connection. To start Using This new feature go to your Gmail Account. You can send email to Google+ connections with the Gmail desktop version.

> Go to Gmail Account.
> Compose new mail.
> Start Typing the Name of person to whom you want to send.
> It’ll Shows your Gmail and the Google+ contacts with name and photos if  there is a match.

Email from Your circle moved to the Primary category and Email From people other than your circle moved to the social category if you enabled the Inbox Categories. You can allow the future message according to your choice.

Important: Organize Gmail Contacts

  • To allow the future message from intended person Add that person to circle or reply them through email.
  • If you don’t want future email from that person then click report Spam or Abuse link in the message.

Limit Who Can Email via Google plus:

> Go to the Gmail.
> Click Gear Icon on the Top Right Corner.
> Click on Settings.
> Inside the General Tab, Locate to Email via Google+
> Here you can control the mails.
By default Anyone Can Email you via your google+ profile. Limit it to your circles or say no to anyone from google+.

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Way to Organize Gmail contacts: Remove duplicates

It is important to organize our email contacts to remove unnecessary and duplicate data. when we send email to anybody Gmail stores the contact in our contact list without notifying us. Sometimes we also store Email and mobile contacts in our contacts list manually. Google Plus also stores the contacts in our friend lists by Profile Id. So it is required to give some time to organize our contact list in useful manner such that we can export it later.

Logged in to your gmail account. In the new look of the Gmail you’ll find Gmail Label at the Top-Left corner above the compose button. Click on that and move to Contacts. Now you can see all your contacts are listed in junk way. Take your time to organize and to Find Duplicate contact. Gmail having feature to find Duplicate and merge it as we required.

On the Top Click on More button –> Find & Merge Duplicates.
It’ll Find Duplicate contacts in your list. Take time to analyze duplicate contacts before merge, because sometime you might have the contacts with same name, so Don’t allow it to merge. Uncheck the contact that you don’t want to merge. And After finalization, click on merge. It’ll merge Email from Gmail, Email from Other service provider, mobile and profile Id details as a single contact 🙂 Now you have the better contacts list. So in future you can access it rapidly to find all the contacts details of any user and can export contacts list to Excel file in more organized way.

You can also Unsubscribe from newsletters and group emails using simple technique to perform cleanup.

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