Reduce Webpage/Website Bounce Rate: Rank Better


Writing Website or Blog properly and in meaningful way is important because it directly affects the Bounce rate. To minimize the webpage bounce rate we need to consider several things while writing article or tutorial. We can lower the website bounce rate by attracting the users on the site such that they can visit our … Read more

Website Off page optimization to grow online Business

Website search engine optimization categorized in two parts. One is On-page Optimization and another is Off page optimization. We have previously seen the effective techniques used for Website on page optimization and got response from people that is very powerful techniques and every blogger or website owner should follow to build reputed business online. Same … Read more

Website On Page Optimization to get More Traffic

Search Engine Optimization broadly divided in two areas. On-page Optimization which covers coding and designing part of the website. Off-page Optimization covers the sharing and bookmarking activities. Let’s only focus on On-Page seo to deeply understand the strategies which peoples are using nowadays and which are the effective seo techniques today. On page optimization helps … Read more