Google to Discontinue Chrome support for XP After 2015


Popular search Engine giant still provides the Browser support for the Microsoft’s Older Windows Xp operating systems. Google now confirmed that it will support the Chrome in Windows Xp system untilĀ  the end of the year 2015. Google mentioned that, Microsoft’s windows Xp is outdated so it may have chances to get Malware and virus … Read more

Microsoft Windows 10 ROM for Xiaomi Mi4 Devices


Microsoft Operating system provider announced that they would be releasing the Windows 10 ROM for android devices and Microsoft added that they partnered with the Chinese mobile smartphone giant and excited to launch the Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone device with Windows 10 support. Xiaomi is the fastest growing company and spreaded the business all over the … Read more

Microsoft Improved security by Removing Snapchat from Windows Phone stores

Snapchat is the popular Instant Messaging service used by millions of users worldwide. But As Microsoft does not owns the Official Snapchat Application on the Windows phone stores, the people who used to Download the Snapchat from the Third party sources will not be able to use the snapchat onwards for the windows phone. Microsoft … Read more