Android Remix OS PC with $30 Price by Google Employees

Three ex- Google Employees made Brand news Google Android Operating System Based Laptop. Its the small Computer that easily fits into your palm of Hand. Its Titled as the World’s first true Android PC by Jide Technology, company behind the project that was founded last year.


“The idea is that we want to make sure it’s affordable and accessible,” David Ko, one of Jide’s co-founders and an ex-Googler, told CNBC by phone.

“A lot of people are using the PCs mainly for email, surfing the web, watching videos, all these can be done with mobile tech and you don’t really need a big tall PC. A traditional big tall PC can cost you a few hundred dollars. In a mobile lifestyle, people are looking for flexibility.”

Moreover it have the Multiple screens support. Let you can access the Google Play Apps just like normal computer. It Also has the Ability to connect with WiFi and has the USB slot too. Two Versions of PC available.
1) 1 GB RAM and with 8 GB storage
2) 2 GB RAM and 16 GB Storage

$30 Price Tag is very affordable and cheap, customers will still need to have a TV or monitor to plug the Remix Mini into as well as a keyboard and mouse. The Remix Mini received over $1.6 million from a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign which came from nearly 22,000 backers.

Its the really small and useful, comfortable PC with Android Os available to you at Impressive price of $30.

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