Best Google android Apps: Mobile Software by Google

Mobile software becomes very popular nowadays as it provides the lots of free application from official store to make your smart phone more smarter. Google having several Android products as everybody knows but today i am going to name you the few Google application software which you will find useful in your daily life. And on the fly you can use that application on your mobile or tablet.
Google Play-store provides the official application from the know sources. Google having their own products for Android and you might familiar with some of them. Use the some more interesting and useful products.

Google Goggles:

This is the nice mobile software application from Google which having the several cool features to find the product information by scanning the barcode, Scan QR code to extract information, Recognize landmark by taking picture and search on the Google Database. Scan text using OCR, Recognize 2D image etc.

Google Keep:

It is the reminder app which allows you to keep track of your events in the forms of Photos, List and notes. It provides several color codes to highlight the note. It’ll remind you on right time and right place. All the notes stored on the cloud and will be available to you at anywhere and you can get it from KeepWeb and also get it from google keep app in chrome.


This app from Google lets you create and edit Microsoft office documents from your tablet or phone. You can create and edit PowerPoint, Excel, Word documents etc. It’ll allows you to sign in with google account to store your data on the Google Drive cloud storage such that you can access from anywhere. It also allows to view pdf files.

Google Now:

It is the Search facility provided by the google to get the weather details, traffic details, nearby places and much more and it also gives you the direction of the place. It’ll shows you the nearby Theaters, Hotels, Malls and much more and along with that it shows you the direction to reach.

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