Best Health and fitness Apps for Android by Runtastic

Android application software will helps you if you are very serious about health and fitness. On previous article we mentioned several health related applications and today also lets point at some health related apps which measure heart rate and apps which helps you during exercise. All the applications are best rated and reviewed. Go through below mentioned Android applications by Runtastic.


Have a look at below trending Health and fitness Apps for your android smartphone.

Runtastic Heart Rate :

It measure your pulse with the camera. just point out your index finger to the back of camera and place your camera in light to get the accurate result. Go for PRO version to get advanced features of unlimited number of measurements, get reminders of measurement, view all your measurements in graph, having several filter functions like resting HR, maximum HR and HR before/after cardio etc.

Runtastic Pedometer :

It measures every steps you walk and works anywhere in pocket, pants, hand and jacket. It calculates speed, distance covered and step frequency and helps you to reach your goal by calculating steps and forces you to workout to reach goals

Runtastic Mountain Bike :

It is especially for mountain bike enthusiasts and track your uphill,downhill and flat distance traveled and also gives you the map to use even without GSM coverage. It calculates distance, calories, speed, elevation etc. It helps you to workout with better measurement and calculation support.

Runtastic :

It uses GPS to track and map the activities like running, walking, biking, jogging etc. Having several features like Auto pause when you stop activities, create or found route for exercises, watch workout in 3D by Earthview and provides much more cool features.

These are the nice applications and reviewed as the best and accurate.

You can try much more applications from Runtastic..
Runtastic Sit-Ups
Runtastic Pull-Ups
Runtastic Push-Ups
Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout
Runtastic Road Bike and much more. All these apps available as free and the paid version. To get more advanced features tryout with PRO versions.

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Thanks for attention. Be Fit and Healthy. Also mention your favorite Health and fitness Apps in the comment box below !

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