Cross Site Scripting attack and defense guide

Internet is the big source of Information but today it becomes the source of threats and malicious contents. Lots of attacks are going online link fraudulent transaction of money, stealing private data, sending spams etc. So if you are not taking all that matters seriously then you might be the next victim by the attackers.

Using internet for getting informative materials, Using social media to connect with friends and to share contents with them is the important for our daily life and we can’t leave without it. But securing our side from the attack is our responsibility. Several attacks like SQL Injection, Phishing, XSS (Cross Site Scripting) are happening today. So security awareness is important.
Scripting is the small programming code which can be easily run on the client browser and can steal the private data and the user remains unaware of entire activity. To remain secure against the xss attack just start using the Add-on called NoScript. It is the Firefox add-on which blocks the unnecessary javascripts from your browser webpage and allows only run flash, javascript, java plugins from trusted source only- like your banking site.
It also provides the Anti-Clickjacking and Anti-XSS Protection. So to remain protect against the browser exploitation just install it and start using this add-on. If you trust any site than allow that site permanently to run on your browser. Add the sites into white-list from the Firefox add-on options which you trusts or wants the script to be run. This tool is tested and verified by the security researchers and considered as the best security framework for the browser.

Stay Secured !!

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