Download Can You Escape for PC (Windows Xp/vista/7/8/8.1 or MAC)

Can You Escape is the super Addictive game and the main purpose of the game is to solve the puzzles and search the hidden objects in order to advance to the next floor of the room. People loved the Game and appreciated it more. MobiGrow developers made the sequel of the game named Can You Escape 2 and Can You Escape 3. People enjoyed every new version as it contains the more addictive and innovative puzzles.

About Game –

Can You Escape gives you the new challenge in each room. Here you need to find the things inside the room which can helps you to unlock the door. Unlock leads  you to the next challenging room and here you have to again find the things which goes harder at each level and makes the puzzle more addictive and challenging.


People wanted it for the Desktop or PC. Let me walk you through the easy steps on how to play the Addictive puzzle game Can You Escape inside the computer. Its easy to play and download the Game inside the mobile or tablets but if you want to play inside the PC then you it requires the Android App player or emulator. Follow the Easy steps below to  Install the one inside the computer. Follow the simple steps below to Download Can You Escape for PC.

Steps to Install Can You Escape game for PC (Windows Xp/vista/7/8/8.1 or MAC) –

1. Download the BlueStacks App Player.
2. Install the Bluestacks App player or emulator and installation takes some time as it fetches the necessary updates from it.
3. After the successful installation move to the App Player and Search for the Game Can You Escape, Can You Escape2 or Can You Escape 3 which one you wants to play inside the computer.
4. Click on Search button using the Playstore and it’ll prompt you the application of the Official Playstore.
5. Download and Installation takes few minutes.

You are done with Installation. Start Playing the Game.

Install the Can You Escape game in Bluestacks using the Apk File (Alternative way)

There is one more option to install the Can You Escape game using the Apk file. If you already have the game installed in your mobile then you don’t need to download the full Game again. Just create the Apk file Of Installed Android Application. Open the Apk file with Bluestacks app player and it’ll install the Can You Escape game inside the Bluestacks.

Bingo ! you successfully installed the Can You Escape game for PC (Windows Xp/vista/7/8/8.1 or MAC). Enjoy ! You could Enjoy the Can You Escape 2 and Can You Escape 3 in the same way. Cheers !

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