Find second CNAME Record of Blogger blog again for Custom Domain

CNAME record is essential if you want to move your Blog or website to the custom domain. To redirect your blog to the custom domain its required to mentions the CNAME entiries in the domain registrar system account. Put the entries inside and your domain registrar takes some times to redirect your blog completely to the new custom domain. Its easy to find the entries first time inside the blogger but what if you want it again inside the blogger.

How to Get Cname Records in Blogger First Time –

To find the Cname record first time Just move to the Blogger blog and inside the settings section > basic , you’ll find the Publishing options where you find the hosted account URL and here you can place the third party URL for your blog or website. Add your purchased Domain in place of the blogger hosted domain and click on the Save Button now you are prompted with the two cname entires. first cname record is default for all and second is separate for all. Which looks like below.

Host                                     Points To

First is common for all and second cname record is diffrent from users to users. You can use both the entries in  you domain provider user account and enter two cname records inside and it’ll takes some time to completely redirect the blogger hosted domain to the custom domain.

But what if your second cname Entry gets deleted accidentally ? How do we get it again ? Follow the easy guide below to get the Second cname record again.

Find Second CNAME Record of Website or Blog Second Time –

If you lost the Cname records of your blog or website then left all your worries. You can get it back. First cname record as mentioned before is default to all blogger blogspot account and now you only needs second cname record. You can get it in the Webmasters Account. Go to the Google Webmasters Verification Tool and here you will find the list of the sites verified. Head over to the site which you want to find the details Click on Verification details next to you domain name.
Click again on the Verification Details button next to your email as shown in the Image below.
It’ll shows you the second DNS cname record with Host and Points To address. Copy the Address which you got and paste it back to the domain provider account. It’ll make it easier for domain registrar to locate the website or blog again.

Hope you successfully get and managed the Second cname record of your Blog.
Cheers !

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