Google rumored to Launch refreshed Nexus 5 (2015) Soon

Google Launched Nexus 5 smartphone in back 2013 and full HD device got loved by the users. Google search engine giant coming with the next version of the Google Nexus 5 2 in this year. Google rumored to launch the refreshed version of the Nexus 5 smartphone device.  Due to the great value for money nexus 5 offered, the phone went to the most successful nexus device.

Recently Google launched the new Project FI video for checking the data usage guide. There were some clues found in the video with front look of the Nexus 5 device. Currently Google only has the Nexus 6 device which is compatible with Project FI. But the device render in question is Google Nexus 5. So its looks as the Nexus 5 is supposed to get the Google Fi service support. Users will get the Nexus 5 refresh very soon with Fi support.

Its been earlier noted that the Google partnered with Huawei to produce the nexus phone. Again there were talks between LG and Google about building Nexus tablet and Phone. One more rumor suggest that Huawei could be making the affordable nexus devices. Project Fi is the Google’s mobile phone network in US that switches between WiFi and cellular network to curb data usages and cut down the phone bills.

Google discontinued nexus 7 Tablet and stopped production of the Promising device and selling is stopped in Official store, recently announced by the company. Hope this upcoming Nexus 5 refreshed device will be proven as boon.

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