Google’s Balloon Powered Internet is Ready: Glimpse behind the scenes

Google started working on the Loon Project in back 2013 to provide the Internet to the two-third of the word’s population who are living in rural areas where there is no internet access. Google Smart team planed to launch the Internet powered balloon and which can provide the Internet. For that they made the Google Loon Project Working Plans in 2013 at New Zealand.

Initially it was tested by pilot testers and it was in development phase since mid 2011 at Google X. Google then tested the Balloon project in the Australia for the rural region of the country. They tested the loon in western Queensland on 2014 by partnering with Telstra, which provides the effective communications to balloons via the base stations.

Google Loon team happily launched the Insider and ready balloon by live demonstration on how it manages its balloon fleet, Balloon creation and how they track the Each balloon launched in stratosphere where wind speed is 5 to 20 mph. Google Loon team now has the almost all the answers on how they are able to provide the internet to the Ground of internal region of the country and how it helps to connect the people.

In the Latest Video launched by the Google Loon team, Project Lead Mike Cassidy offers the Glimpse behind the scenes on How Google team tacking the challenges from small scale, one-off launches and tests, to the scale and automation process to make the balloon powered internet access reality. He in depth explains how entire process works and how at the end people can access the High-speed internet from the Ground with Powerful network connection. This is the Video of Project demonstration at New Zealand in which they explore on how they handle the balloons in above the earth surface in stratosphere.

This project will give the Internet access to the billions of people. Google team manufactured and launched the lots of balloons everyday.  LTE enabled devices are the great support for the project. This is One more Advanced project by Google after the Google Glass. We can say that Google has mastered the versatility in tech world. Let Us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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