Google’s New Keyboard Design: Eliminating Space bar

Google came up with the new Keyboard design which has no Space bar button. Several companies tried to reduce the keyboard size and make the gadgets more compact but they failed to plant new design because of the larger space bar between the keyboard. This time Google Approached new way to design the keyboard by eliminating the Space bar.
After Apple’s aim to reduce the space between keys in its latest MacBook, Google step ahead in the same direction to reduce the Keyboard size by eliminating the space bar. You may have question, how the Space function will works in laptop? There will be a Separate lining in the track pad of the laptop. Users can separate the word by touching the sensitive line separator. Single tap while typing insert the space bar while tap using track pad as mouse will result in click.

Last two design patent submissions by Google got rejected. Now they have submitted the new modified design. Its important to see how search engine giant get success in Keyboard pattern for laptop and Implement it in chrome book.

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