How to scan Website for Malware and Virus

We are surfing lots of web sites everyday and sometimes we gets infected by the Virus, Worm, Trojans or any infected codes. That malicious code slow down our computer and it spreads badly in all computer drives without knowledge and it may infect our entire computer and we may lost our important data due to infection.
Sometimes that infected file or website may open the backdoor into our system and it allows the remote attacker to get into our computer and steals the crucial data. So we recommend you to surf websites safely and remain secure from virus along the internet. For that you have to use the Virus Total. Just put your url or the file which you want to scan and let virus total scans it for you and alert you if it found virus on the Website or File. Virus total scan your url or file with several virus scanner services and it is having updated virus signatures.
This shows the scan result where Virus total has detected the infection on website. You can also use the Firefox browser addon to scan your downloads before storing it on the computer. VTzilla is the useful addon to scan url or download file by just rightclick and scan with virus total option. It will scan and alert you if it contains the malicious code. So it is the best option to protect your computer to getting infected by viruses.

So, if you are dealing with the sensitive data on your organization than it is required to use the Virus total scan plugin on your browser.

Thanks & Be Secured.

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