Huawei Launched AP007 Honor 13000 mAh power bank: Specs

Huawei launched the super powered affordable power bank with 13000 mAh battery capacity. It is currently available to purchase via the Flipkart at cheaper price tag of Rs. 1399. Power banks are the great way to get your phone charged on the move. Android phones required it more frequently. If you are using internet all the time on your smartphone, its the boon for you. Android phone quickly run out of battery so its handy to use the Power bank when you are traveling anywhere and not able to use the Charger.


Find the Huawei Advanced Power battery which is available at the Affordable price range on Flipkart. Also follow the specifications of it.

Huawei AP007 Honor Specifications

Brand – Huawei
Model number – AP007
Battery Capacity – 13000 mAh
Output power – 5V
Battery Type – Li-Ion
Charging Life cycles – 300 Times
Color – Grey

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“It also has one-piece bracket design which is effective to ensure the safety of the batteries and electric circuit. Further, it comes with intelligent sleep and energy saving mode to ensure optimised power consumption,” says Huawei.

Huawei newly launched Power bank has the USB connector, High Temperature Protection, Short circuit Protection, Over discharge and Over charge protection. Power bank has been passed through various tests as 1 m Height Drop Test, Vibration Test, Salt Spray test, Shock Test and Shell Pressure Test. Its safe to use, which offers the great storage capacity at lower price range.

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