Make Collaborative work easier with Skype Group chat in Word and PowerPoint

Microsoft recently fitted the new Skype Group chat feature in the Microsoft Office word and PowerPoint documents. Group chat feature is not yet available for the Excel or One-note online applications. Skype rolled out the chat functionality for Office applications which makes easier to share the thoughts regarding documents while editing. Chat button will appear when two or more person working on the same document.

Suppose you are working on the power point document named “Project Requirement” then it’ll be saved in your Skype conversation list with the same name and you could continued to enjoy the conversation on Skype desktop, mobile or windows store app even after file is closed.
There are options to import the Facebook and Google contacts in the Office online. This new feature will give the easy and smoother experience of editing the documents online right inside the browser window.

How to Start using Microsoft Office Online [with Word and PowerPoint] –

Open up the Office online via the Official Windows store with your windows 8 or 8.1 or Directly move to the Office online here. Login with your Account and Start creating the document or open the existing documents of Microsoft office one drive. To Make it Collaborative document share it with others using the Share button on Top right corner and make it shared one. Now your friend will get the email on shared document and onwards you could have the Skype conversations on the same document subject matter while editing online.

Interesting feature about the Group chat for office online is that, Two people who are working on the same document can chat inside the same document even they are not on the Skype contacts.

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