Smart gloves to make the Payment process easier: Features

Making the payment process hassle free people use the credit or debit cards at merchant stores such that they don’t need to carry the money in wallet. Cards made the payment process easier than the normal physical payment method but now one more advanced payment mechanism in action so there is no need to swipe the card at the machine at any merchant outlet. Smart gloves are invented by Barclaycard which makes the payment process easier. Gloves uses the fitted microchips to connect and detect the debit or credit cards.

Barclaycard UK based company making the innovative products to make the life flexible and easier now came up with Smart gloves prototype which is capable of making the payment process easier and secure.

You just need to touch the payment machine or wave the hand with the gloves and it’ll detect the associated account of yours and you’ll get notified by application with it. This smart gloves are used currently in some places in London and making them available to consumers worldwide next year. This is the challenging technology and public need to deal with financial matters on the Go. Shoppers now can easily pay for their purchased goods by just waving the hand as they do in case of contact less cards.


Features of Smart Gloves –

  • It looks same as the ordinary woolen gloves we normally wear
  • Similar technology as contact less credit cards
  • Gloves capable of payment upto £20 ($31) without PIN
  • Microchip fitted in Gloves that linked to the credit/debit cards
  • No need to carry the Credit/debit cards

Barclaycard had also considered the other items of clothing and accessories for payment including tap and pay bracelets, handbags, hats or even elbow pads. Barclaycard said it is working on different versions of the gloves, women’s gloves having a softer and more ‘fleecy’ appearance than the men’s gloves. Prototype is tested in Merchant stores in UK and will be expanded globally next year.

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