Google New Algorithm hits Popular torrents and Music Sites

Google has previously announced to fight hard against the Piracy sites like torrents and music sites which contains the copyrighted materials and links and this anti-piracy now kicked in and lots of popular Pirate sites are affected and down ranked in the Google search results. In last few days several popular torrent websites and music sites affected by traffic loss and this Google new search make most webmasters feeling sad because they got losses in organic search engine traffic. Websites providing the pirated infringement material affected by this and loss of webmasters suddenly loss their earnings in just few days. I am feeling the same after this new rolled out algorithm change. I found lots of other webmasters who loss their earnings in last few days. Let me tell you my story behind this Algorithm change.
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Which Sites Affected ? –

The sites which contains the copyrights materials without permission like download links to the Videos, movies and music for free. Those all the Sites affected by the search engine search and sites are down ranked and also some of the webpages which received the DMCA copyrights notice are demoted and removed from the search engines. Lots of the popular pirate sites like mp3skull and torrent sites lose the search engine traffic. This is the worst feeling for the every webmaster who owns the pirate sites. I personally experienced the same and demoted my website in search engine result pages.

About My Music Website Affection –

I own the Music websites and as you know previously Google ranking well all the websites which contains the Free copyrighted materials and links and sites which are providing direct download links to the copyright infringement contents as music, videos, movies for free were ranking well in the first page of the Google. But in past three days my website affected by search engine traffic loss due to this new Google algorithm refresh. I am feeling very sad from last three days because i loss my Organic search engine traffic. Let me give you some detailed stats of my traffic to get more ideas.
My site was getting the rapid increase in pageviews daily and i got lots of daily unique visitors through search engine. Look at some of my traffic pageviews  stats below.


Pageviews on 20 Oct. 2014 – 34,516
Pageviews on 21 Oct. 2014 – 38,631
Pageviews on 22 Oct. 2014 – 46,331
Pageviews on 23 Oct. 2014 – 46,852
Pageviews on 24 Oct. 2014 – 51,686
Pageviews on 25 Oct. 2014 – 19,522 (Google Anti-Piracy Algorithm Effect)
Pageviews on 26 Oct. 2014 – 15,467 (Google Algorithm Effect)
Pageviews on 27 Oct. 2014 – 14,954

Traffic stats fall down and i feel very sad after this algorithm refresh. Many Website owners feel the same as they are having the infringement materials. Google now started considering the such piracy sites as a spam and down rank and demote such sites from the search results.

Who are ranking then ? –

The sites which are not having such piracy materials are ranking well in the first page even its just the small website. All torrent site free pirated material providers like music, videos and movies loss their earnings in just last few days. Official website which provides the original source of media like iTunes, Amazon and other more ranking on the first page of the google even people type the query related to the piracy content.

See the Images below to know how the Popular pirate torrent and music mp3 websites affected.

Search query to get the torrent – “Breaking Bad torrent” previously featured the torrents sites like, and on the Top but the scene now goes change. Those all popular sites are now replaced by the less popular site as shown in the below.

Search Results Before v/s Search results Now
Same way the example query of getting the Free Mp3 Music from the Google By typing the Query – “Eminem lose yourself mp3”. Now the Music search term to get the free download link also affected. Popular Music website affected and lost the organic traffic as shown in Image below.
Look in the Search result Old and new and see how other less pirated sites ranking well in the search engine compared to the Popular site “Mp3Skull”, “4shared”. Now people struggling to get free media materials online. Due to that new Google Algorithm refresh lots of webmasters loss their Advertising earnings.

Final Words –

My Music Mp3 website also affected as i shown in the previous traffic stats. I am also feeling the frustrated from last few days because i lost my organic traffic to media music site. Now Google started showing the Genuine and lesser pirated sites in the top 10 results. Now people who really wants such media contents for free started using the Other search engines to fit their entertainment needs. Do you own the pirated site and how you are affected after this new google Algorithm Anti-Piracy refresh. Really excited to hear from you.

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