Xiaomi India Launched slimmer 10,000 mAh Power Bank

Xiaomi India Electronic Items manufacturer launched the Mi Power bank powered at 10,000 mAh. Its the 21.4% slimmer and 30% more energy dense than the 10,400mAh Power bank. Company announced recently on its Social network account Twitter.

Competition in Smartphone is Normal but Now there is Competition in Power banks. Recently Huawei launched AP007 Honor 13,000 mAh power bank and OnePlus launched 10,000 mAh power bank. So its the Great competition in the country for nearer price ranges.


Power banks are available in colors by various brands and Its important to provide something advanced or challenging to stay longer in the market. Xiaomi approached the same way and launched 21.4% slimmer more energy dance than normal power banks. Device is available in varied color ranges including red, silver and Chamoagne. Its priced at CNY 69 (Rs 711 Approx.) Its 60.4 mm wide and 207 gms in weigh. It also sports the Micro-USB slot, USB slot for 5.1 V / 2.1 A output along with LED notification lights.

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