Add Meta Description Tags to Blogger

Meta tags plays major role in your website or blog to be make visible on the search engines. There are several meta tags used by the web masters to allow the crawlers to search your site, make page refresh, revisit time for robots, mentioning authors, allow search engines to be indexed or follow and you can also customize meta tag on your own way to restrict or allow any web page to be found by the search engines by robot control through the meta tags.
Lets concentrate on the meta tag “Description”. Description tag allows the search engines to be display what your site is about in the search engine results as mentioned below. Now you can also add meta description tags to blogger to get descriptive search results in SERPs
Description in search result
Description tag allows you to write something about your blog in few words and that will be visible by the search engine results. If you are not mentioning the Description tag then search engine automatically set description for your site and it might be in improper way. So if you want users to click on your site link from several search result then its recommended to use Strong meta description on your blog.

Description tags resides inside the <head>..</head> section of the blog. Go through the meta tag mentioned bellow.

<meta name=’description’ content=’Your Description goes here.‘/>

content describes the overview of the site i.e. what your site is about. Write it inside the quotes. You can also use the Full Quotes (” “) but its recommended to use single quotes (‘ ‘) for better results.

For the bloggers blog users there is no need to write the meta tag inside the HTML. If you want then you could but blogger(blogspot) provides the user friendly meta description tag to write. Go through Settings >search Preferences.
Inside search preferences you will find the Meta tag Description. Write something about your blog in 150 character maximum including spaces.

Setting Meta Description Tag on blogger

Now you are done and through search engine search results you will find your meta description in your website link. It may possible that it will not be visible immediately after implementing the meta tag because search engine fetches it from the cache. now wait for few days and let search engine crawls your website again. After crawling, description will be available as the search result.

Thanks and Hope you understood how to add meta description tags to blogger, if you stuck at any point then write in comment section.

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