Add Social Follow Image buttons to Blog: Reduce Page load Time

To place social network following buttons on website or blog is important for growing audience to your website. People can easily follow you from website and get every updates as and when you post. Most of the bloggers uses the social network APIs directly from the Facebook, twitter or Google plus and adds separate widget codes for each one. All social network widget provides great look and stylist interface after placing to the blog but According to my experience it takes longer to load the entire page after placing the external API.
It takes extra time if you placed the 3-4 different widget codes because it fetches the live content from your site and lots of codes executed internally on social network. Which in turn takes more time to complete the loading and Google does not loves site which takes more time to process which in turn affects your ranking.

So i recommend to use social Image icons instead, which looks great and have better performance to your site.
Insert new “HTML/JavaScript” into your blog or website and Place the below mentioned code into it. Here the Anchor tag is for the single image and you can place the other images as well by putting the same code below it.

<a href=”Your Social Network Page URL” imageanchor=”1″; target = “_blank”><img border=”0″ src=”Image/Icon URL” height=”40px” width=”40px” style=”margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;” /></a>

Your social Network Page URL – Link of your Page or Profile.
Image/Icon URL – Link to the Image ( Facebook, twitter or any)
target=”_blank” opens the page in new Tab. If you want it to open in same page, remove it.
You can pace the Image icon on Picasa or anywhere on the web and link it to here.

Place the similar code repeatedly inside the same HTML/JavaScript to add more buttons. After doing this you’ll found the page been loaded in less time and you can check in Google Analytics also. Guide to Add Analytics to Your Blogger to track the performance report of your blog. Maximum posts on blogger Label search page also affects the performance and takes more time to load the Entire page. You can Limit the Number of Posts in Label Pages to reduce the extra load time in Blogger.

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