Computers Hit by Regin spyware: sophisticated software discovered by Symantec

To remain secure in this threaten world is difficult now a days. Dangerous Malwares and viruses coming rapidly on the internet. Its ok if you are not using the internet but if you are connected with the internet then its not guaranteed that you are secured. Security awareness is really important to stay secure. Recently … Read more

‘NotCompatible’ Malware Threat moving around you: Use Android devices with care

Security researchers found new Malware Named NotCompatible which steals the information from the Android phones which gets infected by the virus. If you are using the Android Phone with the Internet then you must awake and use it with care. Mobile security research firm Lookout stated this malware as the most Sophisticated and its harder … Read more

Bio Organic battery Prototype Charge your Smartphones in 30 Seconds

Everyone today using smartphones and one thing that everybody hates is battery capacity and time span. If additionally you are using Internet on your smartphone than it is required to carry charger along with you. Israel start-up StoreDot‘s Bio-Organic rapid charging technology uses quantum dot Technology and is prototype now. Company unveiled device prototype in … Read more