Better website SEO requirements to rank better

If you want your site to be indexed better and improve possibility to be clicked by the users more frequently then you have to consider the recommended steps.

1. Create Page title unique and accurate:

Give the title tag <title>Your title goes here..</title> in well form such that it will available in the organic search results by search engines. Give the title meaningful to the page contents because when user type in the search engine for the specific search, search engine crawls the data and search for the title which best fits the search keywords. so it is important to set the small best page title.

2. Crating the Search description or snippet:

Search description is the small snippet which appears next to the title in the search result. You can use the title word inside the search engine snippet and describe it related to contents in 200-300 characters. search engines also matches for the search description words and which include all the words and the site which updated more frequently, get indexed first.

3. Give better URL structure:

Your site Permalink URL must be meaningful and must not contains the crappy stuffs like “dhfjd/32f.html” It must be Well Formatted Like “Posts/Get Indexed by Google.html”. The better the URL parameters the more chances to be indexed. Choose the url which is easy for the search engines and the users to be understand.

4. Maintain Proper Directory structure and navigation:

It is important to arrange the contents of the site in more meaningful way from root directory. Root contains all the pages like our tabs in the blog How-To, Security, Linux, Windows, About, Contact and all those are further divided into sub categories. Limiting No. of Posts in label pages is also important to minimize the page load time.

5.Create the sitemap for the website and remove unnecessary pages:

Several website provides the sitemap creation facility. create your own site map for the site and use the Google webmaster Tools to add the sitemap and link it.
Remove the pages from search results which shows 404- not found error on the webmaster tools after linking.

6. upload and name the image:

After uploading the image on the website name it with properly and also use the alt-text, which is the text shown on the image which display the image description if image is not fully loaded if the internet connection is slow. Search engine also crawls the web based on the text on the image and index better. Better the image description having the more chances to be indexed in Image search.

7. Use Robots.txt to  allow or deny the crawling:

If you are some of the site pages which you do not want to be crawled by the crawlers then you can deny it using the Disallows tag. Allow all the other stuffs. Robots.txt file is next to the domain name
which shows the following information

User-agent: *
Disallow: /Private/

8. Use Google Webmaster toots to highlight the data:

It is important to highlight the data such that  it becomes easier for the search engine to understand the content in more meaningful way. Web Data Highlight gives you the more guide how data highlighting works and how to do it.

Follow the above mentioned steps and you will find your site better indexed and it’ll get organic search traffic in few days.

Hope you enjoyed. comment bellow if you found this article helpful.

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