Google Webmaster Data Highlighter for SEO

Highlighting your website data in the meaningful way such that the Google crawlers can easily understand what your site is about and what are the importance of contents. Google Webmasters Tools allows you to organize the data in the structured manner.

Go to the Webmaster Tools. Add your site or blog to it. You can choose www or non www version of the website. Add both if possible for differentiating both the results.

Now go to the Search Appearances – Data Highlighter.

You’ll find the button Start Highlighting. Click on it.
Add the any URL of your blog post. Select the type of the information which you want to highlight. You can select it according to the category of your website.

Select option if you want to Tag only single page or page others related to that.

Now highlighter allows you to Highlight the contents of your site.

On the Right panel you’ll find the Article options like Title, Author, Date, Image, Category, Rating etc.

Now on the left side on your article page start selecting the content and it’ll allows you to Tag.

As you select and tag the contents, it’ll be available on the right side panel.

Note : Highlight the contents in the relevant and more meaningful manner such that it becomes easy for the Google crawlers to understand the contents for better indexing otherwise your site might not get better indexing in search result.

Select Title, Image, Author, Rating and Date Properly. As you organize the contents in meaningful way the more chances to be quickly indexed by Google.

After completion of highlighting process the webmaster tools creates the related page sets and you can verify the page sets for rest of the highlight process.

Highlight each URL correctly and remove errors if any. Publish the Page set and you are done.

Google crawling the site more frequently and as it re-crawls your site, the contents will be available in search results.

Along with adding sitemap to the Webmasters Tools, it is important to organize the data in the format understandable to the Web Spider for better SEO.

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Happy Highlighting 🙂

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