BlackBerry Unique Masterpiece Qwerty Keypad Classic Specifications

BlackBerry , the Canadian Smartphone company came with the New Masterpiece smart device with something unique and promising for the next days. Blackberry already launched the similar Passport device earlier but this Qwerty Keyboard Classic is smaller and smarter than the Passport blackberry smart device. Blackberry expect much more positive from this phone specification, configuration and user reviews as they made the phone appealing. Blackberry expect much more from their new Classic device according to user satisfaction and business as well.

Phone Specification and Usage

Classic Qwerty Keypad has the 3.5 inches wide Touch screen with 720 X 720 pixel resolution. Smartphone classic device screen is smaller than the Passport blackberry device (4.5 inch screen) and other ordinary smartphones. Phone has the Physical qwerty keyboard and design looks much more professional. smartphone device has the powerful Dual-core Qualcomm processor with 2 GB of RAM. The phone is designed and functionalists fitted by targeting the Business peoples more. It won’t give you better gaming experience but surely give the better Email and other business activities experience. Phone also having the Powerful rear camera of 8 Megapixel and front 2 Megapixel camera.
Phone has the Battery of 2,515mAH and claims to have 22 hours of daily time span in average. Classic phone runs on the Blackberry 10 Mobile operating system. Blackberry already launched the other devices z30, z10, z3, Q5 which runs under the Blackberry 10 Mobile OS. Now one more device with Blackberry 10 OS is out and offers the Multitasking, gestures, hub and better balancing.

Classic Qwerty phone also able to handle the Android Applications which is downloaded from the Official play store or Amazon stores. Blackberry also cares the Game lovers and the older popular game Brick Breaker also available on the New classic device.

Promising Smart Business Device

Classic device is made more on business perspective and the people who loves the Blackberry devices and not use the phone only to browse the web or play the games all the time. Company expect that the Blackberry phone lovers would surely love the new Classic device even more than the Passport device. AT&T and Verizon is going to launch the device in 2015 and unlocked Classic Qwerty keyboard phone available on Blackberry and Amazon stores for the Price of $449. Order your Smarter and professional business device.

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