Upload file to Google sites: Attachments guideline


Google sites is the best place to create your website for free. Here you can create or use the existing web templates too. To upload the files such as audio, text, Image or any other files you need to manage your site to upload the attachments to Google sites. Lets move to the Google Sites. If you don’t have the one and wants to create then you can create it for free. After that move to the Google sites and click on the settings gear Icon on the Top right corner as shown in the Image.
Inside that select the Option to Manage the Site
Now on the left corner you’ll find the attachment option and which allows you to upload the files inside the Google sites.
Upload the file which you want and you are done. After successful upload of the file you can have the Download button. Now right-click that button and copy link address to use uploaded file anywhere on the web.

Sticky bits Permission in Linux systems: How To


For windows we are using creator-owner permissions same we are using here with Linux kernel. Sticky bits is the important for the Linux kernels as you are going to share the folder for all the users. If you share single directory for all the users then the problem with that is, any user can view the contents of other user’s file and can modify it easily or he/she can also delete the shared folder or contents of other users.
To overcome that problem we are going to use sticky bit. Sticky bit is just the giving edit/delete permissions to specific users on shared folder. As we are going to apply it on Linux kernel you should very handy over the terminal.

First we need to add the users as bellow.
# useradd Alice
# passwd Alice
# su Alice
# ls  -all
: Permission denied
# su – Alice
# ls -all
:Permission granted
We are sated the new user Alice and also gave password for that user.

Now add another user Bob as above.
Here Alice and Bob can create files on their own folder ”/home/Alice” or   ”/home/Bob” only.
Now make directory which is open for all the users named /OpenData (Open for all the users).
# mkdir /OpenData
Now next step is to give permissions to that directory.
# chmod o+w /OpenData
Here ‘+’ denotes Adding Permission
-‘ denotes Removing Permission
‘o+w’ means giving write permissions to others.

Now Alice and Bob can create files in OpenData directory.

Now one more concept is inherited attribute comes into the picture as we are giving write permission it allows all the users in folder to access file and modify file. Even Bob have -r file permission he can modify it.
now to apply edit/delete permissions to specific users on shared folder we use Sticky bit support.
# chmod +t /OpenData
By means of it users who have created the file can only modify/delete the file and no others are allowed to modify or delete the file.
File or directory which are created by Alice under the OpenData are not accessible to Bob and Viceversa.

Enjoy the Linux Kernel configurations !

Send Anonymous Email free by hiding your Identity


When you send Email Normally with any of the email service provider then at the receiver side it reveals your identity by your Email Address and shows you with From, to, mailed-by, signed-by etc. Now if you don’t want to track by your friend and if you want to send some secret message to your friend and want to surprise him then it is important to hide your identity such that receiver not able to get your email address at inbox.

To hide identity several free web services allows you to send email without your email address and Silent Sender is one of it. Let it allows you to send email anonymously to the intended recipient and the receiver never come to know about the sender and that is why it’s called Silent or anonymous sender.

Head to SilentSender and inside send message column mention the recipient’s email address to which you want to send. and type the Secret message of max. 160 characters and send it. After sending, you’ll get the Message number. Note it down to check your message status. You can check your message status in Check status column. Receiver gets the message with the number and they are guided to move on Silent sender to get the secret message through their number. Inside the get message recipient put their number to reveals the secret.


Send Anonymous Message: Enter Recipient Email and Message in ‘Send message column’
Check your message status: After sending the mail, one number will be displayed to you, note it down and put it on Check status column to know status of message.
Get message: Recipient put their message number from inbox to silent sender ‘Get message’ column to get the private message.
Once message opened and read by the intended user, message removed from the server of the Silent sender. When you go to check again for the secret message with message number it won’t allows you because its been destructed by server once it red by the user.

Use silent sender and state your views below.

You can also send Message that Automatically get Destruct: Send Auto destruct message Android to achieve security.

Thanks and mention your views by comment.

Top 4 Tips to Secure Online Transaction


Nowadays internet is used by every person on daily basis. Persons who are really addicted to the internet and they  can’t live for a while without it. Now as the technology is growing day-by-day peoples are using internet for every task on their daily life. They are using smart phones  to keep in touch with internet for every moments. Now peoples not hesitate to buy anything online and they are also paying the amount of their product buy using the internet banking services or using their credit or debit cards.

Now one of the major problem for online transaction is that the transaction which is done by you is no longer secure and always the hackers are ready for tracking the other users activity and the ultimate goal of them is to get something about other and victim is not aware of that they are hacked or not !

Hackers are stealing your valuable credentials like username, pin, card number and all. After that they are using victims login credentials and they are cyber criminals and they can do much more with that.

If you want to be a more secure while your online transaction is going on than you should aware of all the following important aspects.

Use Virtual Keyboard for Better Security or to get rid from key logger:

While you login with your username and password then try to use virtual keyboard which is provided by every banks for login.

If you are using your own computer then you can use your physical keyboard but if you are using any public computer then you must have to use virtual keyboard otherwise your public computer may have some user credential storing software like keylogger. Some hardware key logger is also used by attackers which are attached to the cpu on public computer so, If you found any device which is unknown to you is attached to computer then try to avoiding the use of that computer.

Check Payment gateway and Webpage URL:

While you are using online payment option on any merchant site then payment gateway is used and for proceeding further you are asked to select appropriate bank and other options. Phishing is widely used attack technique used by attackers. What they are using with phishing is that they just give  another url to the victim instead of genuine one and they are using fake page which looks like original website page and while payment it always connects to the bank so ,make sure to check the URL of the bank login too.
You need to also check whether your page with which you are going to login is secured or it is using HTTPS or not. If page not contains HTTPS then avoid login from that page.

Keep your Antivirus Updated:

Keep your antivirus updated if you are using computer online, otherwise some Trojans or other viruses which are used by attackers is
mainly for storing your browsing details. So, if your antivirus software is not updated then you would be the next target of the attacker.

Use Official Stores to download applications:

If you are using Smartphone and loves to download the application from the stores then please try to download application from the official stores only otherwise if you download the application from the untrusted store than there may be a chances of Trojans or viruses which are embedded with your application and by using that application for online login is very dangerous because it steals your browsing data.
Do not use Public WiFi Hotspot
Last but not least. Please avoid using public WiFi access point.Using public WiFi is not the secured way because hackers can easily access the public WiFi access and performs the man in the middle attack to sniff around the packets.

Instead of standing in queue for shop or payment, please use the internet to makes your life much easier. But you have to remain secure while transactions. so please follow the above given tips to be more secure. You can also scan Website for Malware and Virus to remain threat free.

Thanks for reading this article. Feels free to ask or comment bellow.

Keylogger For Linux Computer systems: Installation commands


Most of us familiar with the key logger tool of windows environment.
But if you are familiar with the Linux platform which is more relies on the commands than refer the way bellow to install and monitor each and every key records on keyboard.

LKL is the linux based keylogger which never crash your X.
It is the program which run on terminal and by means of that every keyboard keys get recorded.
You can easily find the LKL keylogger into the software center of the linux operating system.To start logging the keyboard activity of the user open up the Terminal in Linux machine and than change directory and locate it to the installed lkl keylogger directory.
Now as you successfully moved to the lkl directory type the ls command to view the contents of the keylogger.

If you have downloaded the lkl keylogger manually than it needs to be configured. To configure it follow the bellow steps.

locate to the lkl directory.and type the bellow commands
make install

Now to start being record just type the command bellow

sudo lkl -l -k keymaps/it_km -o log.file

here the keystrokes are recorded into the log.file of the lkl directory. If you wish to record it to the another file than specify the path of that file.

Now each keystrokes being recorded inside the specified file.

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