Keylogger For Linux Computer systems: Installation commands

Most of us familiar with the key logger tool of windows environment.
But if you are familiar with the Linux platform which is more relies on the commands than refer the way bellow to install and monitor each and every key records on keyboard.

LKL is the linux based keylogger which never crash your X.
It is the program which run on terminal and by means of that every keyboard keys get recorded.
You can easily find the LKL keylogger into the software center of the linux operating system.To start logging the keyboard activity of the user open up the Terminal in Linux machine and than change directory and locate it to the installed lkl keylogger directory.
Now as you successfully moved to the lkl directory type the ls command to view the contents of the keylogger.

If you have downloaded the lkl keylogger manually than it needs to be configured. To configure it follow the bellow steps.

locate to the lkl directory.and type the bellow commands
make install

Now to start being record just type the command bellow

sudo lkl -l -k keymaps/it_km -o log.file

here the keystrokes are recorded into the log.file of the lkl directory. If you wish to record it to the another file than specify the path of that file.

Now each keystrokes being recorded inside the specified file.

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