Encrypt Large File with public key Via OpenSSL

You can use “rsautl” to encrypt and decrypt small message files but when it comes to large files it’ll shows the error as bellow
RSA operation error
6408:error:0406D06E:rsa routines:RSA_padding_add_PKCS1_type_2:data too large for
key size:./crypto/rsa/rsa_pk1.c:151:

So it’s better to use SMIME to perform large file Encryption.
Generate private and public key pairs:
openssl req -x509 -nodes -days 1000 -newkey rsa:1024 -keyout pri.pem -out pub.pem

Encrypt Large File:
openssl smime -encrypt -aes256 -in w.txt -binary -outform DEM -out w.ssl pub.pem

Decrypt Large File:
openssl smime -decrypt -in w.ssl -binary -inform DEM -inkey pri.pem -out w.txt

w.txt is the any Large file
w.ssl is the Encrypted File
pri.pem, pub.pem is the generated private-key and public-key respectively


Encrypt Android 5.0 Lollipop to Secure Phone Data

Android recently launched new version Lollipop 5.0 and it gives the unique feel to the users. It is promising more security than the previous versions of the Android operating system. It is important to get more secured device in this threaten world. Android Lollipop have new lock screen and the system also having the Advanced smart lock feature. Now one more security feature it promises to secure the Entire phone data by Encrypting the Phone. Follow our guide on How to Encrypt Android 5.0 Lollipop device for security purpose.

Phone Encryption encrypt the files, apps, settings and accounts everything inside the phone and to decrypt the data you need to give pattern or password you gave while you power on the device. The other way to decrypt the phone is to perform the factory data reset which erase all the phone data.
All new devices will come with the Encryption enabled by default. But if you want to Enable the Encryption in existing Mobile phone, you need to upgrade your older version to the Newer version i.e. Lollipop and then you have two options available to encrypt the phone data.

Encrypt Phone after updating the existing Android version to Lollipop

1) The first and easy working method to enable encryption is from the Settings > Security. Inside the security you’ll find the Encryption option and by tapping on Encrypt Phone you are forced to Secure your Phone data but as this entire encryption process may take hour its recommended to fully charge your phone before going through this steps otherwise you may loss your data. This entire process time depends on the data you already have in the device.

2) Another method of Making the encryption of device though Factory reset. When you’ll do the hard factory reset then your device will work as the brand new Lollipop phone and encrypt entire phone data. Enable factory reset by tapping the Settings> Backup & Reset > Factory Reset.
It’ll take some time to factory reset the phone and assign the new function of Encryption as it comes with the new Lollipop devices.

Note – For Above two methods to work you need to First Upgrade your Existing version to Lollipop.

Start upgrading your phone to the Lollipop to make it more secure than ever !

Unsubscribe from newsletters and group emails

Email Subscription is the best option to get daily updates on your favorite topics. We are subscribing to the several job oriented sites, several music or movie updates sites, We register on any product sites and we also subscribe to newsletters along with that. Afterward we found it unnecessary or not very much interested on getting that updates by email because lots of important emails get missed due to the unwanted spams or subscription mails coming everyday.


Our Inbox becomes the garbage collector and thousands of unwanted mails we receives because of our previous subscriptions. Now you can concentrate on important mails only by getting rid of the unwanted junk mails.

Possible ways to unsubscribe:

First option of unsubscribe from the specific product emails or newsletter is by opening the email which you receives every day and there is the option of “Unsubscribe to me”  and if you not found it go through the first email of your email subscription and there must be the link to unsubscribe from receiving daily emails. If it is not possible to found the older emails than you can go through the specific site and contact him to unsubscribe yourself from getting updates.

Best Way to Unsubscribe:

If you found all of the above ways very difficult then use the service of unrolling through Unroll. This site fetches all of the subscriptions of your email account and after scanning it gives the large number of list of your email subscription links from various accounts. Unroll me sorts it alphabetically and now there is the option of unsubscribe on the right side. now you can unsubscribe easily which you don’t want to get as email update. It is the great way as it provides the single branch to unsubscribe from several services.


So if you want to focus on only the important contents on email inbox and getting rid of messy contents then just use the service unroll and login with email on which you want to perform the cleanup. Let unroll service find your email subscriptions on several websites by scanning your emails and gives you the one place to remove all of the subscriptions. Isn’t it the good way to unsubscribe? You will surely love this to unsubscribe from massive crappy email contents.You can also Control who can Email you via Google plus Profile.

Be Junk free and enjoy your inbox with important emails only.

Collect links online at one place

All the computer geeks or computer savvy people surfing lots of websites everyday. And it becomes tedious task to remember all of the links for a long time. Many of geeks having great potential to remember all the links but lots of users fails to remember all the links.

Kippt is the solution for that. Using the kippt service you can mange your all the website links, stories or notes in one place in effective way and you can access it any time from anywhere. So isn’t it the nice way? Kippt is the web service or website used by many of geeks now a days to remember and manage their links at single place.

To start using Kippt just open the site Kippt and complete the one time free registration process and you are done. Now onwards you can login to your account and you can put your all the favorite urls, notes and inspiration stories at one place. Kippt allows you to share notes and your links or notes collection can be private or public and you can also share it with the people with you work with. So using that web service you can work in group from anywhere with shared work details.
If you are using Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser than Kippt extension or Add-on is also available to simplify the work and by installing it in your browser your browser suggest you a links which is resided in your kippt account. With Kippt extension you can do lot of things like Organize links, Highlight notes, save bookmarks, save current page or link by right-clicking, Search your Kippt links by just typing “k” and pressing space bar.

Just start using Kippt and you’ll surely love it. If you have any questions, feels free to comment bellow.

Chrome and Firefox Fast browsing tricks

Web surfing is essential to get up to date news and interesting stuffs. Generally we are opening new tabs and windows while browsing with several websites. To speed up browsing experience is required mainly for the slow internet connection. So if you are having slow internet connection and facing trouble to surf fast. Here is the solution for you. To faster the browsing experience in your computer you required popular browser i.e. either Firefox or Chrome.


Download the Add-on named FastestFox in your browser.

FastestFox For Firefox.
FastestFox For Chrome.

It is having several cool feature like,

  • You can highlight any text and get information of that text in pop-up,
  • Enable and disable search engines for pop-ups and use the search engine you want by enabling it through FastestFox Options,
  • It provides Endless page reading which allows to surf on the same page and you need not to move around several tabs on website and it display the posts endlessly,
  • You can add other search engines, search refinements, related shopping results, price comparison results at top bar etc.
  • You can download page media and links on your computer. for that you need to right-click on the page and it is having options to download.

It is the lightweight app which provide quick response. Start using this cool Extension and faster your surfing activities.

Enjoy Faster Browsing!
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