Chrome and Firefox Fast browsing tricks

Web surfing is essential to get up to date news and interesting stuffs. Generally we are opening new tabs and windows while browsing with several websites. To speed up browsing experience is required mainly for the slow internet connection. So if you are having slow internet connection and facing trouble to surf fast. Here is the solution for you. To faster the browsing experience in your computer you required popular browser i.e. either Firefox or Chrome.


Download the Add-on named FastestFox in your browser.

FastestFox For Firefox.
FastestFox For Chrome.

It is having several cool feature like,

  • You can highlight any text and get information of that text in pop-up,
  • Enable and disable search engines for pop-ups and use the search engine you want by enabling it through FastestFox Options,
  • It provides Endless page reading which allows to surf on the same page and you need not to move around several tabs on website and it display the posts endlessly,
  • You can add other search engines, search refinements, related shopping results, price comparison results at top bar etc.
  • You can download page media and links on your computer. for that you need to right-click on the page and it is having options to download.

It is the lightweight app which provide quick response. Start using this cool Extension and faster your surfing activities.

Enjoy Faster Browsing!
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