Caution !! Skype Android version Bug allows others to spy on you

If you are using the Skype on the Android smartphone then you must aware of this latest Skype bug discovered by Ponkers, Redditor. Ponkers was tested this bug for the android devices. It’ll let forces the Skype android users to allow spy others by just making the phone call. You just need two devices with same Skype account to spy on others. Make a call from your android Skype version to your friend and cut the connection when it rings and you’ll get call back from your friends mobile to your laptop.

Consider the below detailed explanation with three devices in total.

1. Have two devices Device 1 (Mobile) and Device 2 (Laptop) with same Skype account Login
2. Call the targeted user’s Android Skype account (Device 3) with Android device 1(Mobile) Skype account
3. Disconnect the the Device 1 with internet connection while target device 3 rings
4. Target phone (Device 3) will call back you on device 2 (Laptop) immediately
5. Pick up the Device 2 (Laptop) call.

View the visual Image of the bug given by the Ponkers, below.
As per the updated news, Microsoft have contacted the Ponkers on this issue and as of now its better to stop using the Skype for android devices till the Microsoft launches the latest bug fix version. Otherwise you might get victimized and you won’t know someone is spying on you.

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