Customize comment link label in blogger homepage

Blogger customization is the important for better user experience and navigation. Previous post was on how to remove the comment link from Blogger homepage only without disabling the user comments in blog. Now let’s see how to customize the comment Label link to add the custom message. By default it shows the ‘no comments’ or ‘n comments’. You can also add the custom message along with that. Before doing any changes to the template Backup it first. Now move to the blogger dashboard to edit template HTML code.
Click anywhere inside template code and press ctrl+f to search for the below code.

<b:includable id=’comment_count_picker’ var=’post’>
Expand the above code and locate the following code.

Now add the phrase like “Leave your comment”, “mention your thoughts”, “Post comment” at the end of the above code as below. Add any Text of your choice.

<data:post.commentLabelFull/>. Post comment:
Now save the template and view the changes on blog homepage to see the phrase you added.

Thanks and state your views below.

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