Document Scanner mobile Application: Android Software

What you are doing when immediately you need to scan the documents to upload on the web or to send to the other person at remote side? Of course you will start finding the scanner around you. But unfortunately you are not able to find the one. And you use your low-resolution mobile to take photo and use that photo for your important work 🙁

Here we talk about the mobile software which helps you to scan your documents on the go. So, you don’t need to longer worry about the scanning operation. Just start Using the app called CamScanner. It is the best free application software which you definitely love after using once and you get addicted with it.
Install CamScanner on your Android mobile and start it. Take the Photo with that application and after taking the snap with mobile software, it will let allows you to crop you in nice way ! Yeah you can crop the image by each and every corner according to your need. After Completion of cropping it will lighten your scanned document. and you will get the accurately readable document.

You can scan your entire document with extra space and after that you can cut the edges of the images and you will get the best document as output and the scanned document is just the same as you scanned with original scanner. You can read each and every character clearly in normal or even in zoom mode.

With CamScanner you can scan Your any documents like mark sheets, Certificates, Newspaper articles, photos, Assignments, Resumes etc. or any document which you are scanning with the original scanner. CamScanner not only performs the scanning operation but it also allows you to make PPT, PDF of documents. Also it allows you to set password of the PDF.

After registering on Camscanner you will get an extra 200-400 MB Cloud Space to store all your documents on the cloud. CamScanner provides the sharing feature to share your documents with others directly from the App.

Start using the lovely application to simplify your work.

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