Get New Top-Level Domain Name Extensions for your Business

Internet Corporation For Assigned Name and Numbers (ICANN) Invited applications in 2012 from companies that wish to get generic-Top-level domain (gTLD) and received application about 1,930 and more and some of them are for same domain extension like .book, .estate etc. After that ICANN decided to launch new domain extensions which meets your profession. So get the creative business domain name related to your business and it looks more fancy and business effective domain than normal .com and .net domain.
Give your business brand new value by new domain and there are hundreds of new domains for your business which are in auction now. Other domain extensions are .Photography, .club,  .guru, .menu, .bike, .camera, .clothing, .computer, .company, .careers, .contractors, .construction, .estate, .gallery and much more which is effective and fits to your business and people can easily understand about your business with the domain name only. You can choose any domain provider for this domain but i preferably suggest you to use Go-daddy because i am having the best experience with it and is the world’s largest and trusted registrar, It gives Free-World-class expert 24/7 support and having high availability so you can keep your business up and running. You can pre-register for your new customized creative and fancy domain at go-daddy and get your new domain extension which fits to your business. Price varies from domain to domain. Don’t wait and if you are planning to establish your business and not bought the domain yet, Pre-register for it and get early access. Multiple applications for the same domain registered during each priority pre-registration phase will go to auction.

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