Google search tricks for cool stuff

We all use the popular search engines like Google, yahoo, bing etc. If you want more interesting and cool stuffs with all the search engine then start surfing the website Fagan Finder. It is the cool web interface which allows you to get more useful and interested stuffs on the first page.

Fagan finder allows you to search the related stuffs and you can search the internet on customized way. Yes you can get whatever you want. Just go to the Fagan Finder and select the type of information which you want from the web. Type contains the General, Reference, media, products, shopping, discussion, video, documents, books, people etc. Select anything you want and let It gives you the bunch of important information as you mentioned. You can also try Fagan Finder Fagan Finder Google interface to get more customized support.
Fagan Finder
Start using this advanced search engine. It is the best alternative to google dorks. Here you don’t need to specify the dork url. just specify the category type and search keyword and hit search button to get more with smart search engine. It is the best interface for information gathering from the Url. To know more on the Url just go through the Fagan Finder URL Info.

Fagan Finder is used by the professional security researcher for information gathering from the web. Start using this site and after using once you definitely love it. Hope you enjoyed the article. Happy Surfing 🙂

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