Google shows the Lyrics Above the SERPs will affect the Lyrics Website SEO traffic

Google making the changes more frequently to their search engine results to give better user web search experience. Google is now showing the lyrics for many song above the search results. Google showing the Lyrics with official Google play link above the search engine result pages. Now you don’t need to look inside the websites in search engine to find the detailed lyrics words of your favorite song. Google made it easier to show just below the search box.

Previously Google also made the change in the search result of the song name. when anyone type the song name in Google search like “i’m not the only one” it’ll prompt the official Google YouTube video below the search box and now it’ll also show the lyrics and link to the full lyrics on Google play along with the video. So users can have the lyrics and video at the same time.

Google Song Search :


Google Song Lyrics Search :


Now if user search for the “song name” plus “lyrics” on the Google search, it’ll show the Google Lyrics above the search results along with play store link for full lyrics. It’ll affect the other lyrics website SEO traffic. There are popular websites “”, “” which gives the lyrics on songs and ranking first on the Google search results will be affected after this new change and will find the decrease in the SEO traffic. View the Above Song search “So good” and  Lyrics search for the Same song “So good lyrics” and it’ll gives the advanced search results which people would find helpful.

Microsoft Bing already did the same change in search engine result pages by showing the lyrics above the search results and now Google is enhancing the search engine user experience by Google’s “Knowledge Graph”. This change of the Google Lyrics search was first spotted by the Glenn Gabe on Google Plus. posted on his wall.

However, it shows the lyrics for some of the songs and other yields the same normal results. So Google is dealing with the limited lyrics database for now. So the lyrics sites which are paying the license fees won’t be affected much more to get the traffic but the sites which are just copying the lyrics and using it as publishers will badly suffer from this new change and will not get the SEO traffic. This change is Google search is currently available to the Google English US users only and will be rolled out globally soon.

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