Google Step Ahead to Auto Enhance Videos of Google Plus Backed up

Google now concentrated on Enhancing the Video quality and voice. Now you can Enhance the existing videos stored on the Google Plus backup storage. Google rolled out the new feature for videos let it allows users to add awesomeness into the color, stability and speech of the videos. Auto enhance features available with Google + on Windows, Mac, Linux and chrome OS. Google + automatically analyze the audio and the picture quality of the video and suggest you the improved version of the video with side by side comparison.

Google Auto Enhance features for photos already available and now Google targeting the low quality videos to make them more High quality videos. You could enhance the Google plus Backed up videos by selecting the More > Auto Enhance options. For Android mobile using the Google + Photos App. Open the Video and tap the Overflow menu and click on Auto Enhance.
Google auto enhance feature worked like charm for photos and recently Google launched the Android lollipop 5.0 operating system which can takes raw photos to produce the high quality end pictures. Now the Google’s step ahead over the Google plus video enhancement will add more interest to the photographer lovers.

Facebook also step ahead on Auto enhancement for the Facebook iOS Mobile photos to improve the quality and lightning of the picture.

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