How to Backup and Restore Blogger Template

You can customize your needs in blogger by tweaking the blogger Template. But before doing serious changes in the blogger template, It’s recommended to backup it first. If you do changes directly into template HTML code, then wrong changes may affect the entire view and performance of website or blog. So before digging into the HTML code, backup first by simple guidelines.

First, go to the blogger Dashboard. Move to the Template on the Left Sidebar. Inside the Template Panel You’ll find the Backup/Restore on the right side top corner. Click on that and you’re prompted to screen as below. Follow the simple GUI to Backup and Restore Blogger Template


Now Download full template into your computer and then do changes in HTML Template as required. So you can restore your template after accidental changes.

Note : If You want to restore template, then you can do from here only. Click on browse button and select the backed up or new template for your blogger from the hard drive and you’re done.

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