How to Install and Configure OpenVAS: Setup guide

OpenVAS stands for Open Vulnerability Assessment System. It is the collection of several tools and services which offers vulnerability scanning and management solution. OpenVAS is free and it is licensed under GPL (GNU General Public License).

Lets start with the step by step guide on installing and configuring the OpenVAS in linux machine. Here we prefer backtrack to configure the OpenVAS.
Open the Terminal and install openvas by typing the bellow command.
apt-get install openvas

After install perform the registry update with the bellow mentioned command.
apt-get update

After installing OpenVAS you’ll find it installed at the Application menu on top.
The Exact location is the Application – Backtrack – VA – VS – OpenVAS

After that click on openvas Check Setup. It will check for problems with installation and provides effective solutions for it.

add user and set rule if required. also set the password for user.

Now click onĀ  OpenVAS NVT Sync to synchronize an NVT collection with OpenVAS NVT feed. It’ll download latest plugins from NVT. Now start OpenVAS Scanner and it’ll loads the required plugins.

Now open the OpenVAS Mkcert to create the SSL certificate.

Type the bellow command to setup the manager

openvas-mkcert-client -n ovmgr -i

type openvasmd –rebuild to changes to be effective.

To create OpenVAS admin start OpenVAS Administrator and type the bellow mentioned command

openvasad -c ‘add_user’ -n openvasadmin -r Admin

For Setting openvas manager port and address type the bellow mentioned command

openvasmd -p 9390 -a

Set the Openvas Administrator address and port as bellow

openvasad -p 9393 -a

Now to configure and start the greenbone security demon type the command
gsad –http-only –listen= -p 9392

Now you are done and you can access the Greenbone Security Assistant from the browser by typing the url and give your username and password.

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