Identify the Caller Name while you are Driving or away from the Android Phone

Suppose you are driving a car and your phone in the Pocket rings and you are not able to pickup or view the phone then to identify who is calling without viewing the phone becomes the harder. unidroid made it easier by their Smart mobile application. Caller Name Announcer is the Application which let you announce the caller Name when you receives the New call and it announce the call from your Phone directory and if the contact does not exists in the directory then it announce as unknown.

Image Credit – unidroid

Caller Name Announcer is the new application available on the Android stores uses the built in Android Text to Speech engine which speaks the caller and SMS sender name. It also reads the contents of the SMS. If your smart device does not have the Text to Speech library than you could download it from Android Play store.

Caller Name Announcer Features and Capabilities –

  • Announce the caller and SMS sender name if exist, If does not exists in the contact lists, call it Unknown
  • Speaks the SMS sender name and contents as well
  • Its easy to customize the caller Name announcer Application
  • Enable/Disable speaking caller/SMS sender Name and Enable/Disable reading Contents of SMS
  • Ringtones/Volume/Text to Speech Settings
  • Requires the Android 2.3 and up version

Download the Caller Name Announcer for your Android Smart device and let device speaks for your Call and SMS.

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