Important HTML tags for Better SEO

For bloggers who are posting important and valuable contents to their blogs need to consider some important tags which will helps their site or blog for better index by search engines. search engines crawling the web periodically for the latest and the updated contents and if your site is one of them which provides the updates daily articles then you have to make sure whether the proper HTML tags implemented correctly on your blog or not. HTML tags helps the search engines to identify the better website among the web and based on that it will rank the site to display it on the Top search results.

Title Tag:

<title>Page Title</title> tag used for the better short description of your site which displays on the title area of your site or on the Tab of your website. You can give your site title as the  page title for better description.

Meta Description Tag:

<meta name=’description’ content=’Your Text Here‘/>
Meta Description is the description of your site which appears on the search engine results. So if you want the users click on your link among others by reading short description which you have provided then its recommended to place the Meta Description Tag with strong description on what your site is about or what your page is about.

Meta Keywords Tag:

<meta name=’Keywords’ content=’Your Keywords goes  here‘/>

Keywords are the best option which you need to place into your site for search engines to be able to find your site based on the keywords So it is recommended to place the keywords which describes your site best. So if google or any search engine find any searched keyword on your site then it will index your site at the better position and it will becomes easier for search engines to explore the better contents from your site. Use keywords separated by commas.

Meta Robots Tag:

<meta name=’Robots’ content=’INDEX, FOLLOW‘ />

Robot tag is for the search engine robot crawler. If you want your site to be indexed by the Google or any other search engine then place the robot tag inside your html and let search engine crawls your site periodically for latest contents and index your site. If you want your specific page should not displayed on the search engine results then you can use this tag by specifying ‘noindex, nofollow’ contents on Tag or you can also use the robot.txt file to block the specific URL of your site by Disallowing for crawling and index.

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