Make chat more Interesting by Facebook Stickered for iOS and Android

Facebook stickers are the best way to express the emotions through stickers. Stickers by Facebook are much more popular across the worldwide fb users and people likes the animated stickers to express the emotions. Lots of stickers available on the Facebook sticker store and growing by the time. By knowing the public interest Facebook rolled out the sticker feature for Facebook comment to show the expression by stickers.

Facebook launched sticker related application named “Stickered for Messenger” for the iOS and Android users, let it allows to place your favorite Facebook sticker on your photo. Make your own customized Stickered photo and send them to your friends through messenger or social networks. You could have option to pick up the album photo of yours or click the new one with camera and directly add the sticker on the photo by Stretch and rotate option of the application.
After making the sticker photo send it to your friend through direct chat conversation on Facebook messenger or upload it to the Facebook social network. Billions of messages are sent through Facebook messenger app everyday and majority of the messages are stickers. so Facebook team found the stickered interest in users and made this cool app named Stickered. Get it to your iOS or Android device and let us know your thoughts on the same in comment.

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