Microsoft Windows 10 release date confirmed

Microsoft confirmed that they launches the Upgrades to Operating system for PC and tablets on July 29. Windows 10 version will be available free for users who have bought PC in past six years or so, powered by windows 7 of later or tables running windows 8.1

There is more to love about the brand new operating system, windows 10. It comes up with the new innovations like cortana and brand new Microsoft Edge browser, plus apps, xbox and much more.

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Company packed up everything regarding development and Microsoft is excited to launch the Brand new Operating system. Microsoft is also dropping a notification into users’ task bars. Clicking on the pop-up brings up a slideshow explaining the benefits of Windows 10 (such as the return of the Start menu, a new browser, and the inclusion of Cortana) before giving users the option of entering their email address to reserve their copy.

Company fixed all the bugs and improved the security and features of the Operating system. Moreover Windows 10 is light weight and smoother than the previous versions. Its Good news for you if you are the Windows Operating System lover. You’ll get it on 29th July onwards. Get the Introduction of the Latest Windows 10 version of Operating system by Microsoft.

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