Remove Pendrive write protection: Possible ways

Sometime you might having several problems to access your pendrive. You can solve some of them issues by dealing with drivers but Write Protection problem is the critical. Lets discuss some possible ways to solve the write protection issue. solution may varies from user to user. Find the below top working ways to remove pendrive write protection

Check for write on-off button on USB stick or Memory Card:

Some Usb devices or memory cards come with the write mode on-off facility such that if you have no use you can turnoff the mode. When you having the trouble in access then you can check for it.

Try Formatting With Safe CMD:

You can also try formatting your pendrive by using the Safe command prompt.
Restart your computer.
Press F8 Button.
Select the ‘start window with safe command prompt.’
Locate command prompt to the pendrive drive letter by typing ex: G:
now you are on the Pendrive.
Type “Format G:”
Now windows format your pendrive using safe command prompt.

Registry Modification:

You can check for the registry if it is ok.
Press Windows+R (Run Prompt)
type “regedit” and press enter to open registry editor.
Move to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control.
Now inside the control. On the right side search for the “Write Protect” DWORD value. If  it is set to 1, change it to 0. If there is no DWORD value then no need to worry and try alternative methods.

Assign the another Drive Letter:

Openup the Disk management by Control panel>Administrative Tools>Computer Management. Openup computer management.

Inside that move to storage> Disk Management.

Here in the Disk Management you’ll find your connected USB drive and the assigned drive letter. Change the Drive letter to the another and reconnect the Device. Hope it works. If its not working for you, try alternatives.

Clear the Read-only by using Disk Part:

Open CMD with Administrator
type “diskpart” and hit enter.
It’ll move you to the DISKPART> prompt.
Here type “list disk”
select disk by “select disk #” Here # is the disk number of your pendrive.
Type “attributes disk clean readonly”. This will clear read-only attributes of your pendrive. This will helps you to reset your usb stick attributes to normal and reconnect pendrive to check.

Try to open the Pendrive with Linux:

Sometimes windows can’t be able to open the Pendrive because of the access type issues. Connect your usb stick with the linux machine and try to access it. And if possible try to format it using the FAT or NTFS system. You can try “Fdisk” command line and “Gparted” GUI interface to troubleshoot. It is one of the best working solution.

Finally Try with Format tool of your pendrive:

This is the best and one of the working solution for all pendrive access related issues. Download your pendrive brand format tool from the official website of the company and format the pendrive using that utility. This is the working solution so far.

If your usb stick or pendrive not working with any of the above way, then you might have the issue of hardware failure, contact to the respective provider.

Hope it helps to troubleshoot and remove pendrive write protection. Comment below for discussions.

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