Remove/Hide Blogger Navbar: Add professionalism to blog

Here i am posting about one more blogger customization to made the better look and feel. Many of us having the blogger blog. It is the nice platform to start blogging carrier but afterwords when your blog getting good traffic then its important to style it in Professional way as it good impact to our visitors and nice for clear and easy user navigation.

Lets come to the point directly. Let us see how to remove or hide the Blogger Navbar from site. When you visit the Blogger site it shows the Navbar as below on the top of the blog. It shows the default view with Blogger Icon inside.
You can easily turn-off the Navbar from the blogger Dashboard.

Turn off Navbar from site:
Move to the Blogger Layout on the top right corner above the Header you’ll find the Navbar Option.
Click on Edit and select the Last option “OFF” to turn off it.
Now Apply the changes and see the changes on blog. It won’t shown up now.

But after turning it off the reserved spaces for navbar still showing up as an empty space on site. So Its looks messy. Let’s see how to remove the Navbar completely from the blog.

To remove (hide) Navbar it  from site:
You can leave it on above step if you are ok with that. Move to the Blogger Dashboard if you wish to remove it ! Move to the Blogger Template Designer. click on Template > Customize > Advanced. Inside that select the Last option Add CSS. Here you can put any css code you want to customize the Blog. Put the CSS code #navbar {display:none} inside the box as below.
Apply to blog and view the changes. Now you are done with successful removal.


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