Spritz for Mobile and Desktop: Read 1000 words per minute

As internet usage becomes rapid and more frequent, people prefer E-reading instead of reading on paper. We are reading more on the internet daily but our reading speed is still the same as on the paper reading. We are reading from left-to-right and which takes more physical space and it requires to settle our mind on sentences and also need to move eyes along with that. Recently Boston based , American company announced new application named Spritz, which boosts our reading and by using that anybody can increase their reading speed.

It promises that by using their application you can speed up your reading. Here you don’t need to move your eyes from left to right. You just need to concentrate on small area which displays the words one-by-one according to the speed of your choice. You can select the 250WPM (Words per minute) , 300WPM, 350WPM and by using this more frequently you can achieve 600-1000 wpm and which helps you to read fast.



When you have limited time to read something, then Turn on the Spritz and start reading. You can integrate this app in your blog or website to helps the readers to faster their reading. You can read entire blog article in one minute without missing any word. Isn’t It the Cool app?

You can install the Spritz in Mobile, Desktop browsers and works with IE 10+, Google chrome, Safari, Firefox etc. Its been easy to integrate with you Browser. You can follow the easy instruction and guidelines on site.

Initially this application software is tested on Samsung Gear2 and S5. Its also available for the Widows mobile as well. See images and Live Demo of spritz working on mobile and Desktop browsers at www.spritzinc.com/press/. Spritz developers program helps to use SDKs, Android and iOS APIs, and JavaScript for developers to implement spritzing into their applications and Websites. Give it Try!

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